Annual Meetings
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Joining the Society

The society collects two kinds of payments each year.

First, you can become a member of the society. The fee is $20 (students and non-students). This fee supports the annual operation of the society, including travel grants to attend the annual meeting, the PaleoAnthropology journal and this web site.

Second, you can register for the meetings. The fee is $40 and covers facilities at the meeting itself. Though you can also pay at the meetings, we strongly encourage you to pay in advance.

Note that PayPal works internationally and supports several different currencies.  Click on the "PayPal Payments" icon below to make your payment.  If you do not have a PayPal account already, the PayPal payments form will allow you to create one.  To open an account, you must link it to a credit card.  Your payment will appear on your credit card as "Paleoanthropology Society".

To join the society click here ($20)

To register for the meetings click here ($40)

Or to join and register click here ($60)

If you are unable or unwilling to use PayPal (and we repeat it is highly secure, simple to use and far easier for the Society), you may either:
  • send a check in US$ for the correct amount payable to "Paleoanthropology Society", and mailed to John Yellen, 810 E Street SE, Washington DC 20003, USA.
  • OR if no other option is acceptable, pay at the meetings with a check or cash; please complete your check to "Paleoanthropology Society" in advance to save time. We strongly discourage this method, as it takes more time and effort for the Society.