Call For Papers

The Paleoanthropology Society is seeking papers for the PaleoAnthropology journal.

The journal solicits as well as accepts freely submitted original contributions in the general field of paleoanthropology as defined by the Paleoanthropology Society. Preference is given, but the journal is certainly not confined, to articles that are more difficult to publish in traditional print journals.  These include site reports, articles rich in data tables, and articles that rely on numerous photographs (black and white or color) or other illustrative materials. Dissertations can be posted through the Society's dissertation service.

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to the co-editors and should follow our style guidelines.  Publication of articles is ad hoc with an issue appearing no more than once a month.  If you have any questions about the journal, please contact the co-editors, Erella Hovers ( or Karen Rosenberg (  We look forward to receiving your submissions.