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Book Reviews

A list of books available for review for the on-line journal, Paleoanthropology, is presented here for members. If you are interested, please contact the Book Review Editor, Dr. Deborah Olszewski, at deboraho@sas.upenn.edu    In your e-mail request, please include the citation for the book you would like to review and your mailing address. Reviews must be in English. 

Members of the Paleoanthropology Society who have recently had books published should also contact Deborah Olszewski with this information, so that she can request a copy for review from the publisher. 

Books in this list are subject to first request basis. The list will be regularly updated.
available     Katsuhiro Sano.(2012). Functional Variability in the Late Upper Palaeolithic of North-Western Europe. Bonn:Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH.
available     Straus, L.G. and M.R. González Morales (eds.).(2012). El Mirón Cave, Cantabiran Spain. The Site and Its Holocene Archaeological Record. . Albuquerque:University of New Mexico Press.
available     David J. Cantrill and Imogen Poole.(2012). The Vegetation of Antarctica Through Geological Time. New York:Cambridge University Press.
available     Barnard, A. .(2012). Genesis of Symbolic Thought. New York:Cambridge University Press.
available     Crawford, M.H. and B.C. Campbell (eds.).(2012). Causes and Consequences of Human Migration. An Evolutionary Perspective.. New York:Cambridge University Press.
available     L.M. Veiga, A.A. Barnett, S.F. Ferrari, and M.A. Norconk (eds.).(2013). Evolutionary Biology and Conservation of Titis, Sakis, and Uacaris. New York:Cambridge University Press.
available     Yuri E. Demidenko and Thorsten Uthmeier, with contributions by Gennadily A. Khlopachev and Mikhail V. Sabin.(2013). Kiik-Koba Grotto, Crimea (Ukraine): Re-Analysis of a Key Site of the Crimean Micoquian. Rahden/Westf.:Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH.
available     Robert Dudley.(2014). The Drunken Monkey. Why We Drink and Abuse Alcohol.. Los Angeles:University of California Press.
available     Robert W. Jones.(2014). Foraminifera and Their Applications. New York:Cambridge University Press.
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