The Paleoanthropology Society provides a dissertation (PhD thesis) distribution service. We will place your dissertation, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, on our web server so that others can easily access it. This service does not preclude you from publishing it elsewhere.

To place your dissertation on this web site, you will first need to submit the abstract to us for review. We will assess whether it meets with our mission to support work in the field of paleoanthropology. Once it is accepted, you will then provide us with a PDF version.

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Additional Publications

The Society also now hosts additional publications in Paleoanthropology. These are provided as a service to the community. They are not published by the Society itself. If possible, we strongly encourage you or your institution to purchase the actual printed volume.

The Krapina Neandertals. A Comprehensive, Centennial, Illustrated Bibliography

 A pdf of my The Krapina Neandertals. A Comprehensive, Centennial, Illustrated Bibliography (2006) is made available to PaleoAnthropology users thanks to Jakov Radovčić and the Croatian Natural History Museum. This pdf contains the foreward, introduction, index and all references, but not the extensive photodocumentation and other information included on a disk with the book.  On the disk are nearly 1300 pictures of authors, places, sites and fossils, Excel analytic files and PowerPoint presentations about Gorjanović-Kramberger's honorary degrees and the signature book for those studying the Krapina material started in 1964 by Professor Ivan Crnolatac.

The complete, interactive Krapina bibliography can be purchased for 50 euros by writing to: 

Croatian Natural History Museum, 
Demetrova 1 
10000 Zagreb 

"I hope my colleagues find this pdf useful, leading them to purchase from Zagreb the more extensive edition for themselves and their university library." -- David Frayer, Lawrence KS, 2007