Join the Paleoanthropology Society

Membership is open to all interested in paleoanthropology in its widest conception, without criteria or requirements. It is preferred that prospective members pay the $20 annual membership fee (see below), but it is also possible to be added to our mailing list without cost, by sending a request to the Secretary.

The society collects two kinds of payments each year.

First, you can become a member of the society. The fee is $20 (students and non-students). This fee supports the annual operation of the society, including travel grants to attend the annual meeting, the Paleoanthropology Journal and this web site. Our membership year runs from August 1 through July 31 of the payment year; for example, a payment made in September 2014 or May 2015 would be credited to the 2015 year.

Second, you can register for the meetings. The fee is $40 and covers facilities at the meeting itself. Though you can also pay at the meetings, we strongly encourage you to pay in advance.

Society Membership $20
Meeting Registration $40
Society Membership and Meeting Registration $60