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The goal of the Student Section is to promote the interests and resources of the Paleoanthropology Society within the student community. It is designed to encourage student membership and participation within the Society, and provide a source for student-specific information regarding the study and application of Paleoanthropology. The idea for creating the student section was posed and agreed upon by the attending Paleoanthropology Society members and officers at the 2007 Paleoanthropology Society business meeting in Philadelphia.

Student Related Resources

Graduate and Undergraduate Departments - USA: an ever-expanding list of institutions dedicated to or participating in Paleoanthropological Research.

University of Texas at Austin - Dept. of Anthropology
Rutgers University - Center for Evolutionary Studies (CHES)
University of Tulsa - Department of Anthropology
University of California-Davis - Evolutionary Wing of the Department of Anthropology
University of Iowa - Department of Anthropology - Paleoanthropology
Harvard University - Paleoanthropology Laboratory
Harvard University - Department of Human Evolutionary Biology
Arizona State University - School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Arizona State University - Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Stony Brook University - Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences
George Washington University - Hominid Paleobiology Doctoral Program
New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology, New York City
Washington State University - Evolutionary Anthropology
Duke University - Evolutionary Anthropology

Graduate and Undergraduate Departments - International

University of Leiden - Palaeolithic Archaeology
Simon Fraser University - Department of Archaeology
University of Oxford - Archaeology Stream
Kyoto University - Human Evolutionary Studies
University of Southampton - Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins
University College London - Department of Anthropology
University College London - Masters Degree in Paleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archaeology 
University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) - Institute for Human Evolution (IHE)
Tubingen University - Center for Archaeological Sciences
Tubingen University - Institute for Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology
Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, University of Cambridge
University of New England, Australia - Department of Paleoanthropology
The Leipzig School of Human Origins

Granting and Funding Agencies

National Science Foundation - Behavioral and Cognitive Science
National Science Foundation - Archaeology and Archaeometry
National Science Foundation - Physical Anthropology
National Science Foundation - Hominid Origins (HOMINID)
The Wenner-Gren Foundation - Dissertation Fieldwork Grants
Society for American Archaeology - Student Awards
The Wenner-Gren Foundation
The Leakey Foundation
National Geographic Society

Funded Graduate Student Positions

University of Tulsa, Department of Anthropology - invites applications for two graduate student funded positions in the realm of paleoanthropology. We are searching for dedicated students interested in the study of paleoecology of the southern Levant using zooarchaeological and paleodietary methods, specifically dental mesowear and microwear. For information please contact Dr. Miriam Belmaker

Indiana University - Funded Graduate Fellowship Positions in Evolution of Human Cognition (Cognitive Science Ph.D.)

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Post-Doctoral Position in Human Palaeontology - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (Germany)

Field Research Opportunities

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - Paleoanthropological Field School at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
University of Colorado, Denver - Field School in Anthropology: Human Origins Studies at the Cradle of Humanity
Olduvai Geochronology & Archaeology Project
Universidad de Murcia - Field School for Quaternary Palaeoanthropology and Prehistory of Murcia, S.E. Spain
University of Queensland - Archaeological/ Palaeoanthropological Field School In Africa
Central Washington University - Chimpanzee & Human Communication Institute (CHCI) Summer Apprentice Program
Turkana Basin Institute - Turkana Basin Field School
Paleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archaeology Field School - University of Winnipeg
Institute of Human Origins (Arizona State University) - 3 Field School Opportunities 
Middle Awash Project - University of California, Berkeley
Koobi Fora Field School - Rutgers University and the National Museums of Kenya

Paleoanthropology Career Resources

Society for American Archaeology - SAA Job Posting Link
American Association of Physical Anthropologists - AAPA Job Posting Link
American Anthropological Association - AAA Job Posting Link
Geological Society of America - GSA Job Posting Link

Paleoanthropology Student Related Links

Society for American Archaeology - SAA Student Connection
American Association of Physical Anthropologists - AAPA Student Issues (main page)
American Anthropological Association - AAA Student Resources
Geological Society of America - GSA for Students
Paleontological Society - none'>Student Issues (main page)

Paleoanthropology Related Websites

Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites
Malapa Articles
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Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History - Human Origins Program
Paleoanthropology - Hominid Family History
Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Paleoanthropology
Paleoanthropology Websites
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