Book Reviews

A list of books available for review for the on-line journal, Paleoanthropology, is presented here for members. If you are interested, please contact the Book Review Editor, Dr. Deborah Olszewski, at    In your e-mail request, please include the citation for the book you would like to review and your mailing address. Reviews must be in English. 

Members of the Paleoanthropology Society who have recently had books published should also contact Deborah Olszewski with this information, so that she can request a copy for review from the publisher. 

3 Books Available for Review

  • Muntaser E. Ibrahim and Charles N. Rotimi (editors). (2020). The Genetics of African Populations in Health and Disease. New York:Cambridge University Press.
  • Sarah Schrader. (2019). Activity, Diet and Social Practice. Addressing Everyday Life in Human Skeletal Remains. Cham:Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
  • Jane E. Buikstra (ed.). (2019). Bioarchaeologists Speak Out. Dordrecht:Springer.

Guidelines for Book Reviews


Please submit all book reviews electronically as MS Word files to: 
Deborah I. Olszewski 
Department of Anthropology 
University of Pennsylvania Museum 


Reviews should be submitted in English, and should be typewritten in double spacing throughout (including references, if used). References, if used, should be typed separately at the end of the manuscript. All pages should be numbered serially. Reviews should be submitted in a complete and finished form.

Please include the following sections in your review:


Title of book being reviewed
Authorship (or editors) of book being reviewed
Place of publication: Publisher, Date of Publication, Number of Pages, (paperback or hardback), List Price. ISBN

Stránská Skála: Origins of the Upper Paleolithic in the Brno Basin, Moravia, Czech Republic
Edited by Jiří A. Svoboda and Ofer Bar-Yosef
American School of Prehistoric Research Bulletin 47. Dolní Věstoníce Studies, Volume 10. Cambridge, MA: Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 2005, 218 pp., (paperback), $50. ISBN 0-87365-550-8


Name of Author

Affiliation(s): name, complete mailing address, and e-mail address

Institute for the History of Material Culture, Dvortsovaya nab. 18, St. Petersburg, 191186, RUSSIA


The text of the review, generally between 1200 to 2400 words.

REFERENCES (if used)

If used, please limit references to the most pertinent. Generally references in book reviews should not exceed a total of 10.

In text reference citations:
Simple citation with no page numbers specified: (Dibble 1995)
Two authors: (McBrearty and Brooks 2000)
Three or more authors: (Clark et al. 1988) �itations with pages, figures or tables specified: (Olszewski 2003: 232), (Rosenberg 1988: Figure 1), (Coinman 2005: Table 2)

Please list citations in the text in alphabetical, not chronological, order, e.g., (Clark et al. 1988; Dibble 1995; McBrearty and Brooks 2000). Semicolons are used to separate works by different authors, and commas are used to separate distinct, chronologically ordered works by the same author.

Reference style:
References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the review. Please use either American Antiquity or Journal of Human Evolution style for references, but do not mix styles.