Paleoanthropology Society 2019 Meeting Albuquerque New Mexico First Announcement and Call for Papers

The annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be held in Albuquerque New Mexico on Tuesday and Wednesday April 9 and 10 in conjunction with the Society for American Archaeology. The conference hotel is the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque. Additional useful hotel information can be obtained from the SAA web site. Meeting rooms are yet to be assigned.

Non-concurrent oral and poster sessions will be held with oral presentations limited to 15 minutes. If you wish to have either a poster or oral presentation considered for inclusion, you must submit an abstract via the Society’s online submission system before December 1. ( Abstracts must not exceed 300 words of text (not counting address, title, acknowledgments, etc.), and those submitted by any other route will be declined. The web system will request the name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing and email address of all authors. Please consider the nature of the material you wish to present and on this basis decide whether a poster or oral presentation will be most effective: then click the appropriate box.

Partial travel support will be available for some individuals such as graduate students and other presenters who do not have "normal" access to travel funds. If you wish to apply for such funding please note this on the web form. The registration fee is $40 and annual membership in the Society is $20. Both are payable in three ways (We would be grateful if individuals would use options 1 and 2 to the maximum extent possible):

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Eric Delson, Paleoanthropology Society Secretary

Podium Abstracts


April Tolley, Michael Pante, Ignacio de la Torre, Jackson Njau, Lindsay McHenry

A Zooarchaeological Test of the “Two-Tradition Model” in the Early Upper Paleolithic Levant: The Ahmarian and Aurignacian subsistence at Manot Cave, Israel

Reuven Yeshurun, Nehora Schneller-Pels, Omry Barzilai, Israel Hershkovitz, Ofer Marder

A multiscale stratigraphic investigation of the context of StW 573 Little Foot and Member 2, Sterkfontein Caves, South Africa.

Laurent Bruxelles, Dominic Stratford, Richard Maire, Travis Pickering, Jason Heaton, Amelie Beaudet, Kathleen Kuman, Robin Crompton, Kristian Carlson, Tea Jashashvili, Juliet McClymon, George Leader, Ronald Clarke

A new Upper Paleolithic infant burial from Arma Veirana, Liguria, Italy

Jamie Hodgkins, Claudine Gravel-Miguel, Julien Riel-Salvatore, Caley Orr, David Strait, Marco Peresani, Stefano Benazzi, Geneviève Pothier Bouchard, Dominique Meyer, Danylo Drohobytsky, Christopher Miller, Fabio Negrino

Acheulian artefacts and associated wood from Amanzi Springs, Eastern, Cape South Africa.

Andy Herries, Blackwood Alex, Matt Meredith-Williams, Matt Caruana

Amud 9, a partial Neandertal foot from late Mousterian of Israel

Osbjorn Pearson, Adrián Pablos, Yoel Rak, Erella Hovers

An updated Bayesian model of bone surface modification and application to the “Dikika Marks” (Ethiopia, 3.4Ma)

Jacob Harris, Curtis Marean, Jessica Thompson, Melissa Torquato, Zeresenay Alemseged, Shannon McPherron, Erik Otárola-Castillo

Analyses of the 'Red Lady' Magdalenian burial in El Miron Cave (Cantabria, Spain)

Lawrence Straus, Manuel Gonzalez-Morales

Coastal occupation and foraging during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene at Waterfall Bluff, eastern Pondoland, South Africa

Erich Fisher, Hayley Cawthra, Esteban Irene, Jacobs Zenobia, Jerardino Antonieta, Miller Charlotte, Neumann Frank, Oertle Annette, Pargeter Justin, Saktura Rosaria, Schefuss Enno, Szabo Kat

Cooking, Putrefied Meat, Fish: What δ15N values might indicate about Upper Paleolithic Diet

Melanie Beasley, Julie Lesnik, Angela Perri

Dietary Portfolios - A Theoretical Development to Explain Hominin Foraging Behavior

Erik Otarola-Castillo

Does computation theory provide an interpretive framework for Paleolithic archaeology?

John Hoffecker, Ian Hoffecker

Early Middle Stone Age Technology on the edge of the southern Kalahari at Witberg 1, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa

Benjamin Schoville, Luke Gliganic, Jayne Wilkins, Robyn Pickering, Kyle Brown, Alex Blackwood, Jessica von der Meden

Effects of inter-source variability in the geochemical composition of silcrete on transformations during heat treatment

Sara Watson, Shezani Nasoordeen, Patrick Schmidt

Evaluating landscape knowledge and lithic resource selection at the French Middle Palaeolithic site of Bau de l’Aubesier

Cornel Pop, Lucy Wilson, Constance Browne, Shannon McPherron

First reconstructions of Late Pleistocene paleoenvironments and hunter-gatherer behavior in the Zambezian miombo woodland zone of Malawi

Jessica Thompson, Alex Bertacchi, Stanley Ambrose, Jessica McNeil, Alexander Mackay, Jessica Cerezo-Román, Jennifer Miller, Douglas Kennett, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu

Isotopic equifinality and rethinking the diet of Australopithecus anamensis

Rhonda Quinn

Knowledge vs. Know-how? Dissecting the foundations of stone knapping skill.

Justin Pargeter, Nada Kreisheh, Dietrich Stout

Landscaping chimpanzee and early hominin tool-use and resource exploitation – an ecological approach

Katarina Almeida-Warren, David Braun, Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Susana Carvalho

Late Pleistocene archaeology from Grassridge Rockshelter, South Africa, and implications for understanding Southern African behavioral diversity

Benjamin Collins, Jayne Wilkins, Ayanda Mdludlu, Emma Loftus, Luke Gliganic, Carlos Cordova, Royn Pickering, Marion Bamford, Tammy Hodgskiss, Christopher Ames

Macro- and Micro-archaeology in the Middle Danube: the role of Tvarožná X in understanding the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition

Gilbert Tostevin, Petr Škrdla, Gilliane Monnier, Elisabetta Boaretto, Daniel Richter, Michael Glascock, Lenka Lisa, Ladislav Nejman, Antonín Přichystal, Aldona Kurzawska, Ondřej Mlejnek, Kristina Golubiewski-Davis, Samantha Porter, Jordan Jennings, Katharine Baldwin

Neanderthal ecological dynamics north of the Pyrenees and west of the Jura/Alps between MIS 5a and MIS 4.

William E. Banks, Marie-Hélène Moncel, Jean-Paul Raynal, Jean-Philippe Faivre, Marie-Noëlle Woillez

New Archaeological Evidence from the Middle Stone Age of East Turkana

Kathryn Ranhorn, Silindokuhle Mavuso, Debra Colarossi, Dogandzic Tamara, Kaedan O’Brien, Emmanuel Ndiema, David Braun, John W.K. Harris

New Work at Ewass Oldupa and Engaji Nanyori (Beds I-IV, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania)

Julio Mercader, Paul Durkin, Pastory Bushozi, Siobhan Clarke, Julien Favreau, Kelvin Fella, Jamie Inwood, Makarius Itambu, Fergus Larter, Patrick Lee, Abdallah Mohammed, Aloyce Mwambwiga, Robert Patalano, Maria Soto, Stephen Hubbard

New evidence for recurrent dietary exploitation of leporids in the Middle and Late Pleistocene of the Northwestern Mediterranean

Eugene Morin, Jacqueline Meier, Khalid El Guennouni, Anne-Marie Moigne, Loic Lebreton, Lucile Rusch

New hominin remains from Mille-Logya, Afar, Ethiopia and their implication for the origin of Homo

Zeresenay Alemseged, Jonathan Wynn, Denis Geraads, Denné Reed, W. Andrew Barr, René Bobe, Shannon McPherron

Non-destructive ZooMS identification reveals bone tool raw material selection by Neandertals

Naomi Martisius, Frido Welker, Tamara Dogandžić, Mark Grote, William Rendu, Shannon McPherron, Marie Soressi, Teresa Steele

Organic Molecular Record of Fire from Lusakert Cave, Armenia and its Implications for Fire Use in the Middle Paleolithic

Alex Brittingham, Michael Hren, Gideon Hartman, Keith Wilkinson, Carolina Mallol, Boris Gasparyan, Daniel Adler

Preliminary results of phytolith analysis at FxJj20 AB, Koobi Fora, Kenya: environmental reconstruction and implications for studying fire in the archaeological record

Sarah Hlubik, Rahab Kinyanjui, Georgia Oppenheim, Amanda Stricklan, Chloe Daniel, Oumeyma ben Brahim, David Braun

Raw material selection and transport at three Oldowan localities on the Homa Peninsula, Kenya

Emma Finestone, Thomas Plummer, David Braun, Peter Ditchfield, Reeves Jonathan

Reconstructing the hunting ranges at the Early Upper Paleolithic site of Mughr-el-Hamamah, Jordan

Gideon Hartman, Jamie Clark, Aaron Stutz

Rethinking the Laetoli Hominin Trackmakers in Light of New Prints at Site S

Alex Pelissero, Charles Musiba, Cassian Magori, Joshua Mwankunda, Henry Bunn

Revised chronology and environment of modern humans at Qafzeh based on ostrich eggshell stable isotopes and amino acid racemization

Stanley Ambrose, Alison Brooks

Seasonality and Subsistence Strategies at SM1, a late Middle Stone Age Site in the lowlands of northwestern Ethiopia

Christopher Davis, John Kappelman, Lawrence Todd

Social Memory and Persistence of Lithic Technological Strategies in Late Pleistocene Eastern Africa: Implications for Interpreting Hunter-Gatherer Lithic Technological Variability In and Out of Africa

Steven Brandt, Nathan Lawres, Benjamin Smith, Abebe Taffere

Taphonomy and zooarchaeology of the vertebrate faunal remains from Middle and Later Stone Age deposits at Contrebandiers Cave, Atlantic Coast, Morocco

Emily Hallett

Technological Choices of the Last Glacial Maximum foragers in Hokkaido, Northern Japan: Blade or Flake?

Yuichi Nakazawa

Temporal evidence shows Australopithecus sediba is unlikely to be the ancestor of Homo

Andrew Du, Zeresenay Alemseged

The Early Acheulian archaeology from Gona, Ethiopia: technology and implications on hominin diet

Sileshi Semaw, Michael Rogers, Isabel Caceres, Amanda Leiss

The Geoarchaeological History of Kisese II Rockshelter, Tanzania

Ilaria Patania, Kathryn Ranhorn, Jason Lewis, Samantha Porter, Debra Colarossi, Husna Mashaka, Ogutu Julius, Christian Tryon

The recently reported 65,000-year age estimate for Sahul colonization is unreliable, and why that matters

James O'Connell, Jim Allen

Time-Averaging, Hominin Foraging Strategies, and Assemblage formation: How do we draw behavioral inferences from the Earlier Stone Age record?

Jonathan S. Reeves, David R. Braun

Walking from New York City to Knoxville: Origins of Late Pleistocene obsidian artifacts at Ortvale Klde (Georgia) and increased scales of interaction from the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic

Ellery Frahm, Daniel Adler, Nikoloz Tushabramishvili

Why the quantum leap? Organic technology of the Aurignacian in the Swabian Jura

Keiko Kitagawa, Nicholas Conard

Poster Abstracts

: A Lithic Behavioral Approach to Cultural Transmission Hypotheses across the Late Mousterian, Châtelperronian, and Protoaurignacian in Western Europe

Samantha T. Porter, Morgan Roussel, Marie Soressi, Gilbert Tostevin

A comparison of two Late Pleistocene ochre records from South Africa

James R. McGrath

A novel approach to reconstructing the forearm length and brachial index of Australopithecus afarensis specimen A.L. 288-1 (“Lucy”)

Debra Szuster, Biren A. Patel, Caley M Orr

A preliminary analysis of Holocene burials from West and East Turkana

Sophia Morong, Kristen Tuosto, Emmanuel Ndiema, David Braun

A stable isotopes analysis of ungulate remains from Lapa do Picareiro: an assessment of refugia concepts during the Middle Paleolithic and transition to Upper Paleolithic

Milena Carvalho, David Meiggs, Emily Lena Jones, Michael Benedetti, Jonathan Haws

Age uncertainty of stone tool assemblages, and its effect on measuring rates of increases in technological complexity

Jonathan N Paige, Deanna Dytchkowskyj, Charles Perreault

An agent-based modeling approach to explain the rarity of projectile points in archaeological sites

John K. Murray, Claudine Gravel-Miguel, Benjamin Schoville, Erik Otárola-Castillo, Jacob A. Harris, Colin D. Wren, Brian Wood, Curtis W. Marean

An experimental use-wear analysis of drilled gastropod operculum using 3D microscopy and its implications for Middle Stone Age symbolic behaviour

Cindy Hsin-yee Huang, John K. Murray, Claudine Gravel-Miguel, Micah Gumaru, Andrew M. Zipkin

BK East, an early Pleistocene site in Middle Bed II (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania)

Charles P. Egeland, Megan Saunders, Alicia Costa-Terryll, Cynthia M. Fadem, Ryan M. Byerly, Bruce K. Kirchoff, Doris Barboni

Beyond the Swartberg: Preliminary findings from an extended strontium isoscape in the South African Karoo

Andrew M. Zipkin, Erich C. Fisher, Hayley C. Cawthra, Gwyneth Gordon, Kelly Knudson

Burning signature in tortoise bones produced during a recent wildfire at Cape Point: Implications for archaeological interpretations of burning signatures in bones

Mareike C. Stahlschmidt, Susann Heinrich, Juliana Bartel, Teresa E. Steele

Comparisons of impact flakes derived from hyena and hammerstone long bone breakage

Reed Coil, Katrina Yezzi-Woodley, Martha Tappen

Deciphering sediments in archaeological context: Inferences on the palaeoenvironmental changes and the site formation processes in the Middle and Late Stone Age, Txina-Txina, Massingir (Mozambique)

Mussa Raja, Nuno Bicho, Jonathan Haws, João Cascalheira, Elena Skosey-Lalonde, Brandon Zinsious, Ilona Benedetti, Michael Benedetti, Célia Gonçalves, Mussa Achimo, Ana Gomes

Differential diagenesis as determined from infrared spectroscopy on faunal bones from Middle Paleolithic site El Salt, Spain

Matthew Fanuka

Differential preservation of anthropogenic deposits in Cave 2, Klasies River Main Site (South Africa)

Susan M. Mentzer, Sarah Wurz

Earlier than we thought: the Early Aurignacian technocomplex at Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal) and the arrival of modern humans in southwestern Iberia 40,000 years ago

Jonathan Haws, Michael Benedetti, Lukas Friedl, Nuno Bicho, João Cascalheira, Milena Carvalho, Grace Ellis, Brandon Zinsious, Sahra Talamo

Force and Flake Size. Implications for Hominin Strength

Li Li, George M. Leader, Aylar Abdolahzadeh, Tamara Dogandžić, Deborah I. Olszewski, Alexandra E. Kralick, Clay Graubard, Harold L. Dibble

Hierarchical centripetal core technology in the Kilwa basin, coastal Tanzania: Implications for hominin movements between interior and coastal East Africa

Amanuel Beyin, Kokeli Ryano

Identification of microbial modifications on postmortem bone

Caroline E. Rowe

Let the computers do the surveying: applying support vector machines on spectral data to identify new fossiliferous deposits in Koobi Fora, Kenya

João d’Oliveira Coelho, Robert L. Anemone, René Bobe, Susana Carvalho

Locational Modeling of Upper Paleolithic Settlement in Northeastern Romania

Gabriel Popescu, Mircea Anghelinu, Michael Barton

Medial cuneiform morphology reflects ecological divergence between Virunga and Bwindi mountain gorillas

Louis Gorgone, Matthew W. Tocheri, Jason S. Massey, Michael R. Cranfield, Tara S. Stoinski, Antoine Mudakikwa, Juho-Antti Junno, Martha M. Robbins, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Robert Bitariho, Shannon C. McFarlin

Modern human adaptability to hot and dry environments: The faunal evidence from Tor Hamar F, Southern Jordan.

Miriam Belmaker, Toru Tamura, seiji Kadowaki

New Data on the Early Stone Age of the Semliki River (DR Congo)

Joshua J. Porter, Alison S. Brooks

New Excavations at Crvena Stijena, Montenegro: a multidisciplinary investigation of fire use by Neanderthals in Southeastern Europe

Gilliane Monnier, Gilbert Tostevin, Mile Baković, Nikola Borovinić, Carolina Mallol, Goran Ćulafić, Eugène Morin, Elisabetta Boaretto, Goran Pajović, Paloma Vidal Matutano, Margarita Jambrina, Rosa Maria Albert, Ángel Carrancho Alonso, Dušan Mihailović, Norbert Mercier, Michael Morley, Samantha Thi Porter, Robert Whallon

Nothing from Nothing Ever yet was Born: A Morphometric Exploration of Evolutionary Relationships between Biface and Core Technology at Nor Geghi I, Armenia

Jayson P. Gill, Daniel S. Adler, Keith Wilkinson, Ana Barun, Boris Gasparyan

Nutritional stress and marine exploitation: Subsistence strategies at KEH-1, South Africa, during the Middle and Later Stone Age transition

Hannah Keller, Jamie Hodgkins, Naomi Cleghorn

Origins: a paleoanthropology database

Denne Reed

Paleoclimate and site formation processes across the Middle and Upper Paleolithic at Lapa do Picareiro, Portugal

Michael M. Benedetti, Jonathan A. Haws, Lukas Friedl

Paleoecology of OGS-12, an Early Acheulian archaeological site at Gona, Ethiopia.

Amanda Leiss, Isabel Cáceres, Michael Rogers, Jan van der Made, Sileshi Semaw

Reconstructing Middle Stone Age Paleoclimates in the Lowlands of NW Ethiopia from Isotopic Indicators in Ancient Enamel

Megan Plummer, Brett Nachman, Sierra Melton, Matt Fanuka, Jordan Crowell, Neil Tabor, Lawrence Todd, John Kappelman

Revisiting the sex of Neandertal coxal bones using a probabilistic approach

Rebeka Rmoutilova, Bruno Maureille, Jaroslav Bruzek

Setting the standard: differentiation of modern wood ash using infrared spectroscopy: archaeological applications to Paleolithic rock shelter, Crvena Stijena, Montenegro.

Aspen Ella Cooper

Shear stress as a determinant of bone growth and morphology and its relevance to functional inference in the fossil record

David Daegling

Site and Assemblage Integrity at Lapa do Picareiro: The Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in Portugal From a Secure Context.

Brandon Zinsious, Telmo Pereira, Michael Benedetti, Lukas Friedl, Jonathan Haws

Taphonomic drivers of Early Stone Age butchery mark patterns

Briana Pobiner, Kara Peters

Testing for inter- and intra- observer error in bone fracture angle measurement data

Kyra Johnson, Kameron Dropps, Katrina Yezzi-Woodley

The lithostratigraphy of the Middle Stone Age in the northeastern Turkana Basin

Brady Kelsey, Silindokuhle Mavuso, Debra Colarossi, Christopher Ssebuyungo, Emmanuel Ndiema, Jack Harris, David R. Braun, Kathryn L. Ranhorn

The taphonomy of extant small animals from Flores, Indonesia: Relevance for interpreting anthropogenic behaviors at Liang Bua

Elizabeth Grace Veatch, Agus Julianto, Thomas Sutikna, Jatmiko, E. Wahyu Saptomo, Matthew

Water sources and tool site distributions: hominins and chimpanzees compared

Christina Costa, David R. Braun, Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Susana Carvalho, Katarina Almeida-Warren

What can the pelvis tell us about gut size?

Jeanelle Uy, John Hawks, Miyuki Kagaya, Takako Miyabe-Nishiwaki