Paleoanthropology Society 2020 Meeting Los Angeles CA - Final Announcement

The annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday April 14 and 15 in conjunction with the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.. The conference hotel is the JW Marriott Los Angeles LA Live (900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015). Additional useful hotel information can be obtained from the AAPA web site

On Tuesday the oral presentations will be held in Diamond 6-7 and the poster session will be held in the Platinum Ballroom. On Wednesday the oral presentations will be in Diamond 6-7. Registration will be held on Tuesday AM in the Diamond Foyer. The Program is on the Meetings page or at".

Presentation Information
Oral presentations will be strictly limited to 15 minutes, and a power point projector and computer will be provided. Participants should arrive before the start of their session to load their presentations.
The poster session will begin at approximately 3:30 in the Platinum Ballroom on Tuesday, and presenters should set up their material on Tuesday before that time. Spaces may be selected by the participants and will not be assigned.  Mounting supplies are not provided and presenters should bring their own pushpins or double-sided tape. Electricity will not be available. In conformance with AAPA arrangements the maximum poster size is 3 feet 10 inches wide by 4 feet tall.  Once again, the Society wishes to have pdf copies of all posters after the meeting to place on our website (they will be cross-linked to the NESPOS website).

Both the program and poster and oral presentation abstracts will be available on the Society web site:

Conference Registration and Membership

The registration fee is $40 and annual membership in the Society is $20. Both are payable in three ways (We would be grateful if individuals would use options 1 and 2 to the maximum extent possible):

  1. Electronically via Paypal. It allows the establishment of new accounts. Please follow this link. We very strongly request you to use this option.
  2. By check, payable in US dollars to "Paleoanthropology Society." Send to: John Yellen 810 E Street SE Washington DC 20003
  3. By check or US dollars at registration.

Recall that access to our electronic journal PaleoAnthropology is free to all, paid member or not, but your membership fees defray the cost of publishing the journal, as well as travel by students and international colleagues and other expenses, and they are much appreciated. Please check the Society web site for new and updated information on many topics.

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Eric Delson, Paleoanthropology Society Secretary

Podium Abstracts

Contextualization of the two Neandertal perinates from La Roche-à-Pierrot (Saint-Césaire, Charente-Maritime, France)

Isabelle Crevecoeur, Raphaël Pinson, Pauline Colombet, Carolina Mallol, Dominique Todisco, Cosimo Posth, Brad Gravina, Priscilla Bayle, François Bachellerie, Cédric Beauval, Armelle Couillet, Jean-Philippe Faivre, Guillaume Guérin, François Lacrampe-Cuyaubère, Christelle Lahaye, Josserand Marot, Eugène Morin, Xavier Muth, Johannes Krause, Bruno Maureille, Hélène Rougier

New data for the ecology of Early Pleistocene hominins from the Orce sites

Christian Sánchez-Bandera, Hugues-Alexandre Blain, Iván Lozano-Fernández, José Francisco Bisbal-Chinesta, Jordi Agustí, Oriol Oms, Stefania Titton, Alexia Serrano-Ramos, Carmen Luzón, Deborah Barsky, José A. García-Solano, Mikael Fortelius, Juan M. Jiménez-Arenas

Multi-Analytical Study of Raw Material Sources at Oldupai Gorge (Tanzania): Implications for Artifact Sourcing

Julien Favreau, María Soto, Kathryn Campeau, Tristan Carter, Pastory Bushozi, Paul Durkin, Stephen Hubbard, Rajeev Nair, Julio Mercader

The Aquatic Fauna of GaJj17, a Late Pleistocene site at Koobi Fora, Kenya, and the implications of aquatic resources for human evolution

Mathilde Ribordy, Kathryn Ranhorn, David Braun, Kaedan O'Brien, Silindokuhle Mavuso, Debra Colarossi, Tamara Dogandzic, Tamara Dogandzic, Christopher Ssebuyungo, Shannon Warren, Jack Harris, Emmanuel Ndiema

Trabecular bone structural variation in the vertebral column of Homo, Pan and Papio: taxonomic and functional perspectives in paleoanthropology

Amélie Beaudet, Jason Heaton, Travis Pickering, Ronald Clarke, Lunga Bam, Luc Van Hoorebeke, Dominic Stratford

A Paleoecological Model for the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain, a Crucial Ecosystem for Early Modern Humans on the South Coast of South Africa

Curtis Marean, Richard Cowling, Janet Franklin

Fungal infestation: A new challenge in fossil collection management at the National Museums of Kenya.

Rose Juma, Job Kibii, Susan Kabacia

Modern humans and ancient machines: The archaeology of computational complexity

John Hoffecker, Ian Hoffecker

New high-resolution radiocarbon chronology for the Middle–to–Upper Palaeolithic transition at Bacho Kiro Cave, Bulgaria

Helen Fewlass, Sahra Talamo, Lukas Wacker, Bernd Kromer, Thibaut Tuna, Yoann Fagault, Edouard Bard, Shannon McPherron, Vera Aldeias, Raquel Maria, Naomi Martisius, Lindsay Paskulin, Zeljko Rezek, Virginie Sinet-Mathiot, Svoboda Sirakova, Geoff Smith, Rosen Spasov, Frido Welker, Nikolay Sirakov, Tsenka Tsanova, Jean-Jacques Hublin

Ysterfontein 1 midden records use of marine resources and millennial-scale paleoenvironmental change after the Last Interglacial

Elizabeth Niespolo, Warren Sharp, Graham Avery, Richard Klein, Todd Dawson

Acheulian and Oldowan stone tool assemblages associated with ~1.6-1.2 Ma Homoerectus crania from Gona, Afar, Ethiopia

Sileshi Semaw, Michael Rogers, Gary Stinchcomb, Isabel Caceres, Naomi Levin, Scott Simpson, Jay Quade

Analysis of a Jun/wasi nut cracking stone from Western Ngamiland, Botswana: Implications for the origins of hominin technology

Joshua Porter, Alison Brooks, Linda Perry, Scott Whittaker, John Yellen

Bovid mortality patterns from Kanjera South, Kenya and FLK-Zinj, Tanzania: Habitat-mediated variability in Oldowan hominin hunting and scavenging

James Oliver, Thomas Plummer, Fritz Hertel, Laura Bishop

Built to last? Ontogenetic changes of occlusal morphology in the third molars of Plio-Pleistocene African suids

Deming Yang, Antoine Souron, Job Kibii, Asli Pisano

ESR Dating the Mousterian Layers at Šalitrena Pećina. Serbia

Larissa Silva, Anne Skinner, Bonnie Blackwell, Bojana Mihailović, Senka Plavsić, Dušan Mihailović, Vesna Dimitrijević, Joel Blickstein, Gligor Daković

Placing probabilities on whether Paranthropus was truly absent from individual sites in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia

Andrew Du, Eric Friedlander, Zeresenay Alemseged

Preliminary results of renewed excavations at the HEB site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Lana Ruck, Edward Herrmann, Michael Pante, Jackson Njau, Kathy Schick, Nicholas Toth

The taphonomy of the Neandertals from Krapina

Michael Pante, Connie Fellmann, Michelle Glantz, Davorka Radovčić

Untangling ape origins and diversification: examining the impact of a priori factors

Rutger Jansma

Did Australopithecus anamensis and Australopithecus afarensis overlap? A closer look at the fossil evidence from Woranso-Mille and Laetoli

Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Stephanie Melillo, Timothy Ryan

Lost and found: New descriptions of Upper Paleolithic humans from Ksar Akil, Lebanon and their relevance to circum-Mediterranean dispersals of early Homo sapiens

Christian Tryon, Shara Bailey

Oldowan tools, fauna and hominins at the Plio-Pleistocene locality of Nyayanga, southwestern Kenya

Thomas Plummer, Laura Bishop, Emma Finestone, James Oliver, Peter Ditchfield, Elizabeth Whitfield, Jennifer Parkinson, Shara Bailey, Scott Blumenthal, Cristina Lemorini, Rahab Kinyanjui, Thomas Vincent, Fritz Hertel, David Braun, Jonathan Reeves, Andy Herries, Youjuan Li, Richard Potts

Tephrostratigraphy and archaeology in the Nyanza Rift, Kenya. 

Nick Blegen, J. Tyler Faith, Alison Mant-Melville, Daniel Peppe

The hominin site of Tighennif (ex. Ternifine, Algeria) revisited: New multidisciplinary investigations at this Lower Pleistocene site

Mohamed Sahnouni, Mathieu Duval, Lee Arnold, Josep Maria Pares, Jan Van der Made, Alfredo Pérez-González, Zoheir Harichane, Salah Abdessadok, Razika Chelli-Cheheb, Isabel Cáceres, Antonio Rosas, Kamel Boulaghraif, Nadia Saidani, Yasmine Mouhoubi, Joseba Rios Garaizar, Jordi Agusti, Abdelkader Derradji, Farrah Chemerik, Mohamed Medig, Nacim Mazouni, Yasmine Bouharaoua, Saloua Chibane

A combined geometric morphometric and machine learning approach to the study of Early Pleistocene hominin fossil long bones

Julia Aramendi, Paul O'Higgins, Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo, Enrique Baquedano

Did Giganthopithecus ever live in Sangiran, Central Java, Indonesia?

Johan Arif

First Enamel Nitrogen Isotope Data of Early Hominins: Trophic Level Reconstruction of Australopithecus in the Early Pleistocene (Sterkfontein Member 4, South Africa)

Tina Lüdecke, Jennifer Leichliter, Nicolas Duprey, Ottmar Kullmer, Dominic Stratford, Hubert Vonhof, Marion Bamford, Andreas Mulch, Alfredo Martínez-García

Human origins in a Kalahari  paleowetland? A review of the archaeological data

Alison Brooks, John Yellen, David Helgren

Lithic technology at the Plio-Pleistocene locality of Nyayanga, southwestern Kenya

Emma Finestone, Thomas Plummer, David Braun, Jonathan Reeves, Peter Ditchfield, Cristina Lemorini, Laura Bishop, Rick Potts

Primitive ilium anatomy in juvenile Homo naledi

Zachary Cofran, Daniel García-Martínez, Caroline VanSickle, Christopher Walker, Reynaldo Valenzuela

Radiogenic strontium isoscape construction in the Kalahari Desert for provenience studies of ethnographic and archaeological ostrich eggshell

Andrew Zipkin, Gwyneth Gordon, Martin Hipondoka, Polly Wiessner

Reconstructing Pleistocene diachronic palaeography in the Turkana Basin: A sequence stratigraphic approach

Silindokuhle Mavuso, Zubair Jinnah, Robyn Pickering, Wendy Khumalo, Shannon Warren, Emmanuel Ndiema, David Braun

Sedimentary Dosimetry in a Lava Tube in the North-Central Caucasus: The Effects on ESR Dating the Middle Paleolithic Site at Saradj-Chuko Grotto, Russia.

Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Clara Huang, Mehak Kazi, Doronicheva Ekaterina, Luibov Golovanova, Doronichev Vladimir, Impreet Singh, Joel Blickstein

Sexual selection for endocrine and epigenetic differences in Neanderthal and modern human cranial and vocal tract morphology

Stanley Ambrose

Species Variation in δ15N Response to Pre-Consumption Processing – Implications for Paleodietary Reconstruction

Kimberly Foecke, Alison Brooks, Christine France

Technological diversity at Kanjera South: An integrated approach

Jonathan Reeves, David Braun, Thomas Plummer, Emma Finestone, Laura Bishop, Peter Ditchfield

The Vulva Monologues: A census of women in the Upper Paleolithic

Melanie Chang, April Nowell, Cindy Huang

The role of environmental instability in the adaptive transition from Acheulean to Middle Stone Age: Evidence from the southern Kenya rift

Richard Potts, Anna Kay Behrensmeyer, Alan Deino

Poster Abstracts

Locomotor signals in the trabecular bone structure of the hominoid metatarsal head

Zewdi J. Tsegai, Tracy L. Kivell, Matthew M. Skinner

Preliminary results of a Middle Stone Age survey in the Kerma region, northern Sudan

Nuno Bicho, Jonathan Haws, Matthieu Honegger

Acetabular orientation in hominins

Austin B. Lawrence, Ashley S. Hammond, Carol V. Ward

An ESR dating mystery – solved?

Anne Skinner, Terence Mensah, Gabrielle Wolfe, Pamela Willoughby

Application of bone surface modification analysis as a new method to reconstruct the paleohabitat of Pliocene Hadar

Tewabe Negash, Mulugeta Fesseha, Ignacio Lazagabaster, Jessica Thompson

Effects of Differential Hydration on Phytolith Development in C3 and C4 Grasses

Breanne Clifton, Gideon Hartman

Hindcasting Late Pleistocene human land use in temperate zones: an Australasian test case using Maxent

Alexandra J Zachwieja

Identification of Isolated Fossil Cercopithecid Molars using 3D GM

Eric J. Mazelis

Taxonomic evaluation of a partial human femur from Grotte du Prince (Balzi Rossi, Ventimiglia, Italy)

Brigitte Holt, Diane Waddle, Elena Rossoni-Notter, Olivier Notter, Kader Moussous

230Th/U Burial Dating of Ostrich Eggshell: A Geochronometer for Pleistocene Archaeological Sites

Warren D. Sharp, Elizabeth M. Niespolo, Christian A. Tryon, Karen L. Van Niekerk, Nick T. Blegen, J. Tyler Faith, Christopher S. Henshilwood

A Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Stone Points from SM1, a Middle Stone Age Site in Northwestern Ethiopia

Keenan Riordan, Daniel Dalmas, Mulugeta Feseha, Marvin Kay, Agazi Negash, Lawrence Todd, John Kappelman

An assessment of zygomatic root position and its utility for reconstructing diet in the primate fossil record

Hallie M. Edmonds, E.S. Daly, Irene E. Smail

Experimental evidence for chemical and structural alteration of bone carbonate-apatite crystals during diagenesis using S-TEM EDS and FT-IR analyses

Elena Skosey-LaLonde, Gideon Hartman

Implications of Soil Compaction on Artifact Displacement, Breakage, and Disarticulation at Ethiopia’s Shinfa Site

Emily R. Lange, Braenn Smith, John Kappelman, Lawrence Todd

Life in the margins: the pre-Still Bay deposits from Varsche Rivier 003, southern Namaqualand, South Africa

Teresa E. Steele, Alex Mackay, Simon Armitage, Alex Blackwood, Naomi L. Martisius, Patricia J. McNeill, Mareike C. Stahlschmidt

New insights into Pleistocene hominin butchery and tool choice from a 0.8 Ma fossil assemblage from the HEB site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Ipyana Francis Mwakyoma, Michael Pante, Trevor Keevil, Jackson Njau, Nick Toth, Kathy Schick

Preliminary taphonomic and paleoecological assessment of Galili, Ethiopia: A comparison of three localities.

Sabrina Curran, Scott Simpson, Jay Quade, H. Said

Preliminary zooarchaelogical report on the complete Roc de Marsal Layer 4 faunal assemblage

Susan E. Lagle, Jean-Christophe Castel, Dennis M. Sandgathe, Alain Turq, Teresa E. Steele

Provenance of Late Pleistocene Ochre from Mochena Borago Rockshelter, SW Ethiopia

Brady Kelsey, Steven Brandt, Andrew Zipkin, Evan Wilson

Similar craniofacial growth trajectories among three species of Macaca

Whitney M. Karriger

Taphonomic pathways, chronology and formation processes at Hora 1, Malawi

Alex Bertacchi, Douglas Kennett, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu, Jessica C. Thompson

The Influence of Raw Material Availability on Pleistocene Lithic Assemblages in the Koobi Fora Formation (Kenya)

Sydney E. James, Jonathan S. Reeves, Phillip M. Kyule, Matthew J. Douglass, David R. Braun

The Pigments from the Middle and Later Stone Age site of Varshe Rivier 003, South Africa

Naomi L. Martisius, Alex Mackay, Patricia McNeill, Teresa E. Steele

Zimuara: a new Stone Age site in the Save river valley (Southern Mozambique)

João Cascalheira, Nuno Bicho, Milena Carvalho, Jonathan Haws, Sadamo Muchongo, Roberto Mussibora, Mussa Raja

A 3D Digital Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Late Stone Age Stone Points from the SM1 site, found in Northwestern Ethiopia.

Keenan J. Riordan

Investigating language-relevant brain activation for Paleolithic toolmaking via functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Lana Melanie Ruck, Shelby S. J. Putt, Zara Anwarzai, P. Thomas Schoenemann

Regional patterns of paleoenvironmental change in the Late Pliocene of eastern Africa

Elizabeth Nicole Fillion, Terry Harrison

The Early Aurignacian technocomplex at Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal) and the arrival of modern humans in southwestern Iberia

Jonathan Haws, Michael Benedetti, Sahra Talamo, Grace Ellis, Nuno Bicho, Milena Carvalho, João Cascalheira, Lukas Friedl, Brandon Zinsious

A 3D geometric morphometric analysis of the effects of genetics and activity patterns on first metacarpal variation in the Spitalfields skeletal collection.

Amanda N. Rossillo

A novel approach to measuring tool reduction intensity from geometric attributes

Michaela Zewdu Tizazu, Sylvia Wemanya, Jonathan S. Reeves, Matthew J. Douglass, David. R Braun

An investigation of Theropithecus gelada as a modern analog for Paranthropus boisei through comparison of four dietary indicators.

Isabel D Hermsmeyer, Peter J. Fashing, Nga Nguyen, Margaret J. Schoeninger

Experimental investigation of phytoliths and combustion features and their relevance for ancient fire studies

Georgia Oppenheim, Tamara Capps, Rahab Kinyanjui, David Braun, Sarah Hlubik

Fabric analysis of in- and ex- situ artifact assemblages from the Koobi Fora region of northern Kenya

Jeanwon Kim, Oumeyma Ben Brahim, David Braun, Sarah Hlubik

Implications of Soil Compaction Studies on the Displacement, Breakage, and Disarticulation of Artifacts and Faunal Remains at SM1, an Open Air MSA Site in NW Ethiopia

Emily Lange, Braenn Smith, Chadi el Mohtar, Christopher A. Davis, Mulugeta Feseha, Lawrence Todd, John Kappelman

Locomotor behaviour of Plio-Pleistocene cercopithecoids: evidence from trabecular bone properties.

Mosarwa Babutsi, Kudakwashe Jakata, Kimberleigh Tommy, Jakobus Hoffman, Mirriam Tawane, Bernhard Zipfel, Amélie Beaudet

Reduction intensity in Oldowan Assemblages: Perspectives from BD 1 at Ledi-Geraru, Afar, Ethiopia.

Niguss Gitaw Baraki, David R. Braun, Jonathan S. Reeves, Will Archer

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: An Actualistic Experiment in Identifying the Taphonomic Signature of Rock Fall

Alexandru Hajdu, Robert Kaplan

Technological strategies for small tool production in the Howiesons Poort of Montagu Cave: Analysis of Horizon 6/7 of the C.M. Keller collection

Sara Watson, Sonya Crocker, Tamara Dogandzic, Nicolas Zwyns

The Paleoecology of Bovidae Fauna at Olduvai Gorge, Beds I-IV: The Abiotic and Biotic Interactions in Plio-Pleistocene Faunal Communities

stefania cucuteanu

The effects of carnivore richness, diversity, and species evenness on scavenging opportunities during Out of Africa I

Reed Coil

The taxonomic efficacy of catarrhine femoral shape: testing the effect of variable landmarking schemes

Brittany Kenyon-Flatt, Mark A. Conaway, Evan A. Simons, Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel

Tracking Climate Seasonality in Equid Teeth Through Serial Sampling of Enamel Isotopes

Alexandra Norwood, Brianna Pobiner

Using Machine Learning to Determine Actors of Bone Breakage and to Identify Specific Hominin Approaches to Bone Breakage

Katrina Yezzi-Woodley, Jiafeng Lee, Cora Brown, Carter Chain, Thomas Huffstutler, Alexander Terwilliger, Pedro Angulo-Umaña, Jeff Calder, Reed Coil, William Leeb, Peter Olver, Martha Tappen