The annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be held in Denver on Tuesday and Wednesday March 22 and 23, 2022 in conjunction with the American Association of Biological Anthropologists. The conference hotel will be the Sheraton Denver Downtown. 

Non-concurrent oral and poster sessions will be held with oral presentations limited to 15 minutes. If you wish to have either a poster or oral presentation considered for inclusion, you must submit an abstract via the Society’s online submission system. before December 1.  Abstracts must not exceed 300 words of text (not counting address, title, acknowledgments, etc.), and those submitted by any other route will be declined. The web system will request the name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing and email address of all authors. Please consider the nature of the material you wish to present and on this basis decide whether a poster or oral presentation will be most effective: then click the appropriate box.
Partial travel support will be available for some individuals such as graduate students and other presenters who do not have "normal" access to travel funds. If you wish to apply for such funding please note this on the web form.
Please note: At the current time the AABA is planning an in-person (plus virtual) Denver meeting. If this meeting is cancelled, because of COVID or other complications, the in-person Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be replaced by a fully virtual conference.

The registration fee is $40 and annual membership in the Society is $20.  Both are payable in three ways (We would be grateful if individuals would use options 1 and 2 to the maximum extent possible):

  1. Electronically via Paypal. It allows the establishment of new accounts. Please follow this link. We very strongly request you to use this option.
  2. By check, payable in US dollars to "Paleoanthropology Society." Send to:
    John Yellen
    810 E Street SE
    Washington DC 20003
  3. By check or US dollars at registration

Recall that access to our electronic journal (PaleoAnthropology, now sponsored jointly with ESHE) is free to all, paid member or not, but your membership fees defray the cost of the cost of publishing the journal, as well as travel by students and international colleagues and other expenses, and they are much appreciated. Please check the Society web site for new and updated information on many topics.
You may contact the Society directly by email at

The Member Directory of our web site permits you to check and update your name and address (please advise the Secretary on the site if you find duplicate listings for yourself) and also determine if you have already paid your Society dues and meeting registration for a given year; note that our dues year begins on August 1, so we are now in the 2022 year.

Eric Delson, Paleoanthropology Society Secretary