Podium Abstracts

New excavations of the rockshelter of Ain Difla in Jordan and the regional Initial Upper Paleolithic

Zeljko Rezek, Tobias Lauer, Zenobia Jacobs, Mareike Stahlschmidt, Detlev Degering, Paul Goldberg, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Thomas Kasper, Sarah Pederzani, Geoffrey Smith, Abdullah Rawashdeh, Mohammad Dabain

Investigating Aurignacian technological variability and population connectedness south of the Alps and along peninsular Italy

Armando Falcucci, Adriana Moroni, Fabio Negrino, Marco Peresani, Julien Riel-Salvatore, Annamaria Ronchitelli

Expanded geographic distribution and dietary strategies of the earliest Oldowan hominins and Paranthropus: Evidence from Nyayanga, Kenya 

Thomas Plummer, James Oliver, Emma Finestone, Peter Ditchfield, Laura Bishop, Scott Blumenthal, Cristina Lemorini, Isabella Caricola, Bailey Shara, Andy Herries, Elizabeth Whitfield, Fritz Hertel, Rahab Kinyanjui, Youjuan Li, Stephen Frost, David Braun, Reeves Jonathan, Blasto Onyango, Richard Potts

Howiesons Poort lithic technology from Nelson Bay Cave, South Africa

Sara Watson, Nicolas Zwyns, Teresa Steele

Living by the land, gazing at the sea: Hominin occupation of near-coastal inland plains on the western periphery of the Red Sea

Amanuel Beyin

New results from Early Upper Paleolithic excavations in Western Romania: Implications for early modern human expansions into Europe

Wei Chu, Adrian Dobos, Scott McLin, Alexandru Ciornei

Shell beads of the Middle Palaeolithic: Misliya and Qafzeh as case studies

Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer, Iris Groman-Yaroslavski

The Early–Middle Pleistocene Settlement of Northern Armenia 

Daniel S. Adler, Jennifer Sherriff, Keith N. Wilkinson, Mark Sier, Monika Knul, Jayson Gill, Yannick Raczynski-Henk, Boris Gasparyan

How Surprising are Contents of Lithic Assemblages? The Information Entropy of the Stoneworking Modes A-I Framework

Paige Jonathan, Charles Perreault

The Home as an Archaeologically Visible Space for Cultural Transmission

Amy Clark

The Shape of Technology to Come: A Cross-Regional Exploration of Evolutionary Relationships between Biface and Core Technologies at the Lower–Middle Palaeolithic Boundary in Eurasia 

Jayson Gill, Daniel Adler, Keith Wilkinson, Boris Gasparyan

Between land and sea: First results of the Early Occupation of Sicily (EOS) project

Ilaria Patania, Isaac Ramirez Ogloblin, Kristen Wroth, Carroll Payton, Sara Zaia, Danielle Falci, Sebastiano Di Mauro, Christian Tryon

Early Hominin Site Formation Processes and Landscape Use Viewed Through a Chimpanzee Kaleidoscope

Britt Bousman, Jill Pruetz, Brian Wood, Kelly Boyer-Ontl, Mark Willis

Getting to ‘big data’ in the Paleolithic, or, when and how can we reliably aggregate lithic information? First results from the Comparative Analysis of Middle Stone Age Artifacts in Africa (CoMSAfrica) research project.

Christian Tryon, Justin Pargeter, Manuel Will, Matthew Shaw, Eleanor Scerri, Kathryn Ranhorn, Jess McNeil, Alex Mackay, Huw Groucutt, Katja Douze, Metin Eren, Alison Brooks, Alice Leplongeon

The Middle Paleolithic of North Macedonia: The site of Uzun Mera and beyond

Darko Stojanovski, Sarah Lacy, Trajche Nacev

Why hunt cooperatively? Reevaluating the evolutionary significance of communal hunting

Eugene Morin, Douglas Bird, Bruce Winterhalder, Bird Rebecca

A Landscape Perspective on the Archaeology of Fire

Sarah Hlubik, Caitlin Craig, Troy Ferland, Russell Cutts, Rahab Kinyanjui, Benjamin Davies, Francesco Berna, Frances Forrest, Kevin Uno, Andrew Barr, Dan Palcu, David Braun

A new method for the quantification of microcharcoal in the archaeological record.

Marc Ramrekha, Dimitri Papavasiliou, Kyra Johnson, Taylor Anderson, Michael Gallagher, Dan Cabanes

Did Territoriality between Central-African Foragers Affect Hunter-Gatherer Mobility in Terminal Pleistocene Malawi? A Case Study from Hora-1 Rockshelter

Caleb Chen, Justin Pargeter, Potiphar Kaliba, Jessica Thompson

Early LGM environments accelerated uptake of bladelet technology at Melikane Rockshelter, Lesotho

Kyra Pazan, Brian Stewart

Fracture mechanics show variability within skilled knappers

Phoebe Halper, Erin Marie Williams-Hatala, Neil Roach, Justin Pargeter

Human adaptations to a semi-arid desert during MIS 3: Evidence from Spitzkloof Valley, South Africa

Genevieve Dewar, Brian Stewart, Alex Mackay

In the palm of our…or their hand? A comparative analysis of Pan and human grips during percussive activities

Adela Cebeiro, Johanna Neufuss, Roman Wittig, Susana Carvalho, Mathieu Malherbe, Sylvain Lemoine, Alastair Key

In with the Old, In with the New: Integrating Archival and Modern Digital Methods at Kisese II, Tanzania

Samantha Porter, Husna Mashaka, Kathryn Ranhorn,

Kvemo Orozmani, Georgia: a new Lower Paleolithic archaeological site in the Southern Caucasus

Giorgi Bidzinashvili, Rusudan Chagelishvili, Reed Coil, Giorgi Kopaliani, Inga Martkoplishvili, Nikoloz Vanishvili

Landscape evolution and Early Pleistocene hominin expansions in the Armenian Highlands

Jenni Sherriff, Keith Wilkinson, Dmitri Arakelyan, Boris Gasparyan, Katie Preece, Mark Sier, Daniel Adler

Physical Foundations of the Chaine Operatoire and the Semantics of Lithic Typology

James Smith

Preliminary palaeoecological results of the new 2021 and 2022 campaigns in the early Pleistocene site of ‘Ubeidiya, Israel

Miriam Belmaker, Alon Barash, Hugues Alexandre Blain, Massino Delfino, Dafna Langgut, Zuorui Liu, Steffen Mischke, Sarah Pederzani, Amy Prendergast, Tomáš Přikryl, Christian Sánchez-Bandera, Yoav Tzur, Tom White, Omry Barzilai

Problems with Paranthropus

Matt Sponheimer

Sexual selection for Neanderthal versus modern human craniofacial and vocal tract morphology


Stanley Ambrose

Stones That Bleed: Pliocene Hominin Lithic Raw Material Selectivity at Lomekwi 3, West Turkana, Kenya

Evan Wilson, Sonia Harmand

Umhlatuzana rockshelter through time: New research into the MSA-LSA transition in South Africa

Gerrit L. Dusseldorp, Andy Carr, Irini Sifogeorgaki, Bertil Van Os, Viola C. Schmid

Zooarchaeological perspective on Neanderthal fire use at Roc de Marsal (France)

Giulia Gallo, Vera Aldeias, Paul Goldberg, Shannon McPherron, Dennis Sandgathe, Alain Turq, Teresa Steele

Poster Abstracts

The distinct mortuary practices of the Magdalenian and Epigravettian (~20,000 to 12,000 years BP) in Europe: combining archaeological and genetic evidence

Silvia M. Bello, William A. Marsh

Differentiating core types using core scar orientation analysis

Sam C. Lin, Chris Clarkson, Anton Ferdianto, Thomas Sutikna

Mammal size across the late MIS 3 contexts of Sehonghong Rockshelter: Insight into hunter-gatherer use of animals in the highlands of Lesotho

John M. Vandergugten, Genevieve Dewar, Brian A. Stewart

Spatial patterns and trends of Middle Paleolithic human settlement systems in southern Iberia

Célia Gonçalves, Daniela Maio, João Cascalheira

Oxygen Isotopes and Paleoaridity in Relation to the Paleogeography of the Pliocene Turkana Basin, Kenya

Joshua J. Porter, Anna K. Behrensmeyer, René Bobe, David R. Braun, Susana Carvahlo, Amelia Villaseñor

An early Upper Paleolithic blade assemblage from the hinterland of the Tibetan Plateau

Peiqi Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Linhui Li, Wei He, Yingshuai Jin, Junyi Ge, Nicolas Zwyns, Shejiang Wang, Xing Gao

Gruta do Escoural: new data on the Middle Paleolithic occupation of southwestern Iberia

João Cascalheira, Alvise Barbieri, Milena Carvalho, Jovan Galfi, Ana Gomes, Célia Gonçalves, Pedro Horta, Daniela Maio, Roxane Matias, Alicia Medialdea, Maïlys Richard, Miren del Val Blanco

Revisiting the earliest evidence for silcrete heat treatment technology at Pinnacle Point 13B, South Africa using a new multi-proxy approach

John K. Murray, Alicia Fritz, Bailey Goodling, Swanny Jurczak, Jacob A. Harris, Andrew M. Zipkin

Temporal trends in faunal exploitation from Mousterian layers at Kobeh Cave (Zagros Mountains, Iran)

B. Patrick Fahey, Curtis W. Marean, Emily Y. Hallett, Danielle Mealer, L. Loera

Addressing techno-temporal periods in Mozambican Archaeology through database and archival research

Elena Skosey-LaLonde, Cezar Mahumane, Clara Mendes, Celso Simbine, Solange Macamo, Mussa Raja, Breanne Clifton, Kevin Inks

Aridity Index of the Emergence of Homo in East Africa

Maryse D. Biernat

Labial striations on human teeth from the British Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic

Lucile Crété, Simon A. Parfitt, Charles Day, Silvia M. Bello

Observing hominin skeletal element representation at Hadar, Ethiopia using Uberon ontology

Jyhreh Johnson, Denné Reed

Wrist morphology and artifact form: An experimental approach 


Niguss Gitaw Baraki, David R. Braun, Ayebare Eugene, Li Li, Shannon McPherron

A Magnetic Investigation of Paleofire on Three Early Pleistocene Sites

Victoria Rainis, Dan V. Palcu, David R. Braun, Emmanuel K. Ndiema, Sarah Hlubik

Considering the Visual Strategies for Communicating Paleolithic 
Concepts to Museum Audiences at the NMNH Hall of Human Origins

Grey Cubbage

Did hominins control hammer strike angles while knapping?

Li Li, David R. Braun, Sam C. Lin, Jonathan S. Reeves, Claudio Tennie, Shannon P. McPherron

EARLYDECISIONS project - Deciphering early hominin decision-making behavior: High-resolution analysis of percussive stone tools from the African Acheulian 

Eduardo Rafael Amandio Paixao, Tegenu Gossa, Walter Gneisinger, Joao Marreiros, Erella Hovers

Going the distance: ungulate migratory dynamics and behavioral responses to shifting Late Pleistocene environments in southern Africa’s Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains

Alexandra L. Norwood, Brian A. Stewart, John D. Kingston

Incisor Ecomorphology of Serengeti Muridae: Implications for Paleoecological Reconstruction

Claire Brandes, Denné Reed

Micromorphology and Site Formation Processes at FxJj20 AB, Northern Kenya: Insights on 1.5 Ma evidence of fire

Caitlin Craig, Francesco Berna, Sarah Hlubik, David R. Braun

Neotaphonomy of a “common amenity” on the Serengeti Plain, Tanzania

Maegan Ferguson, Alaz Deniz Peker, Charles P. Egeland

New insights into the chert sources of southern Portugal: A macroscopic and petrographic approach.

Joana Belmiro, Xavier Terradas, Nuno Bicho, João Cascalheira

Paleoenvironmental Context of early Homo evolution in eastern Africa

Joseph Won, Alyssa Enny, Maryse D. Biernat, David R. Braun, Emmanuel, Rolf Quam, Amanda McGrosky

Pliocene paleolandscapes in the Koobi Fora Formation, northern Kenya

Maren Moffatt, Dan V. Palcu, Rahab N. Kinyanjui, Kevin T. Uno, David R. Braun

Statistical Methods for Species Delimitation in Middle Pleistocene Homo 

Emily Raney

The Development of Palaeoanthropology as an Interdisciplinary Science: A Visualization Using Science Mapping

Anthony GM Sinclair

The Middle to Upper Paleolithic Fauna from Sefunim Cave (Mt. Carmel, Israel): Preliminary Results

Jamie L. Clark, Andrew W. Kandel, Ron Shimelmitz

The Palaeolithic of Jordan: Research to date and future directions

Jeremy A. Beller, Mark Collard

The ROCEEH Out of Africa Database (ROAD) and its Importance to Quaternary Scientists

Andrew W. Kandel, Michael Bolus, Angela A. Bruch, Claudia Groth, Miriam N. Haidle, Christine Hertler, Julia Hess, Volker Hochschild, Zara Kanaeva, Maria Malina, Christian Sommer, Nicholas J. Conard

The impacts of wildland fire and campfires on bone for better identification and differentiation within the archaeological record.

Kyra E. Johnson, Michael R. Gallagher, Dan Cabanes

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