Paleoanthropology Society   2015 Meeting   San Francisco

Final Announcement

The annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be held in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 14 and 15 in conjunction with the Society for American Archaeology. The main conference hotel is the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Additional useful hotel information can be obtained from the SAA web site,  Sessions will take place in the Hilton. On Tuesday these will be held in Imperial Ballroom A. The poster session on Tuesday from 3:30 – 6:30 will be held in Imperial Ballroom B. On Wednesday the session moves to Plaza A.

Conference registration will take place on Tuesday morning at the entrance to Imperial Ballroom A starting at 7:30 AM. The meeting will begin promptly at 9:00.

Additional events

Two evening events have been scheduled:

Monday evening “new hands” – “old hands gathering

6:00 – 8:00 Hilton Union Square 4

An informal gathering  especially for graduate students and new PhD’s  to meet senior professionals and discuss strategies for publishing  their research along with possible other topics TBA. (check our website for updates).

Tuesday evening Leakey Foundation reception

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Chevalier Room

Leakey Foundation Announcement: 

“The Leakey Foundation would like to invite all attendees of the Annual Meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society to a reception on April 14th. We are looking forward to the opportunity to thank our reviewers, say hello to our grantees and welcome all of you to San Francisco! Join us for light snacks and beverages from 6pm to 8pm in the Chevallier Room located in the Hilton's Urban Tavern restaurant. You might want to arrive early as space is limited.”

Presentation Information

Oral presentations will be strictly limited to 15 minutes, and a power point projector and computer will be provided. Participants should arrive before the start of their session to load their presentations.

The poster session will begin at approximately 3:30 on Tuesday and presenters should set up their material on Tuesday before that time. Spaces may be selected by the participants and will not be assigned.  Mounting supplies are not provided and presenters should bring their own pushpins or double-sided tape. Electricity will not be available. The poster display area for graphics and a textual summary is 4 feet (high) x 8 feet (wide). Once again, the Society wishes to have pdf copies of all posters after the meeting to place on our website (they will be cross-linked to the NESPOS website).

Both the program and poster and oral presentation abstracts will be available on the Society web site:

Conference Registration

The registration fee is $40 and annual membership in the Society is $20.  Both are payable in three ways (We would strongly request that individuals use option 1 to the maximum extent possible):

  1. Preferred option: Electronically, via Paypal. Go to It allows the establishment of new accounts and accepts all major credit cards. Paypal is extremely secure.
  2. By check, payable in US dollars to "Paleoanthropology Society." Send to:
    John Yellen
    810 E Street SE
    Washington DC 20003
  3. By check or US dollars at registration. Again, please only use this method if the others are not possible.

     You may contact the Society directly by email at

Please distribute this information to colleagues and students who might wish to join the Society or participate in its activities.

Recall that access to our electronic journal PaleoAnthropology is free to all, paid member or not, but your membership fees defray the cost of travel by students and international colleagues and other expenses, and they are much appreciated. Please check the Society web site for new and updated information on many topics.

You may contact the Society directly by email at

The Member Directory of our web site permits you to check and update your name and address (please advise the Secretary via the site if you find duplicate listings for yourself) and also determine if you have already paid your Society dues and meeting registration for a given year; note that our dues year (now 20150 begins on August 1.

Eric Delson, Paleoanthropology Society Secretary <>

Podium Abstracts

300,000 Years of Coastal Occupation in Pondoland: Recent Findings of the P5 Project and Future Directions

Erich Fisher, Rosa Albert, Greg Botha, Hayley Cawthra, Irene Esteban, Jacob Harris, Zenobia Jacobs, Antonieta Jerardino, Curtis Marean, Frank Neumann, Justin Pargeter, Jan Venter

A GIS Image Analysis of Bone Surface Modification Patterns in the FLK 22 (FLK Zinj) Assemblage, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Jennifer Parkinson, Thomas Plummer

A high-resolution single grain optically stimulated luminescence chronology for Pinnacle Point site 5-6

Zenobia Jacobs, Curtis Marean, Erich Fisher, Panagiotis Karkanas, Hayley Cawthra

A new hominid fossil from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: OH 83, an early modern human calvarium from the Ndutu Beds

Whitney Reiner, Leslea Hlusko, Fidelis Masao, Augusto Songita

A reassessment of vertebrae associated with the Australopithecus afarensis partial skeleton A.L. 288-1 (“Lucy”)

Scott Williams, Marc Meyer, Michael Smith, Gary Sawyer

Alluvial fan sedimentation and Late Pleistocene climate change in the northern Malawi Rift: Context and evidence for Middle Stone Age demographic change

David Wright, Jessica Thompson, Jeong-Heon Choi, Flora Schlit, Marina Foster, David Fink, Sheila Nightingale, Arjun Heimsath, Ramón Arrowsmith, Andrew Cohen, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu

Analysis and re-evaluation of the Middle Stone Age Howiesons Poort sequence from Montagu Cave, Western Cape, South Africa.

Alexandra Sumner, William Archer

Another facet of behavioral variability in the Levantine Middle Pleistocene: The Age and Paleoenvironment of the Lower Paleolithic site of Kefar Menachem West, Israel

Ariel Malinsky-Buller, Oren Ackermann, Avner Ayalon, Mira Bar-Matthews, Michal Birkenfeld , Naomi Porat, Hagai Ron, Joel Roskin, Omry Barzilai

Deep cave foraging by late Pleistocene hominins in northwestern Bulgaria.

Jamie Hodgkins, Stefanka Ivanova, Nikolai Spassov, Maria Gurova, Christopher Miller, Caley Orr, David Strait

Detailed dynamic modelling of glacial climate over the Cape south coast of South Africa

Francois Engelbrecht, Ramapulana Nkoana, Richard Cowling, Erich Fisher, Janet Franklin, Curtis Marean, David O'Neal, Alastair Potts, Eric Shook

Developing Geochemical and Magnetic Studies of Obsidian Lithic Assemblages: A Case Study in the Hrazdan Valley, Central Armenia

Ellery Frahm, Daniel Adler, Joshua Feinberg, Keith Wilkinson, Boris Gasparyan

Drilling campaign summary and preliminary results of the Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project (HSPDP)

Christopher Campisano, Andrew Cohen, Asrat Asfawossen, Craig Feibel, John Kingston, Henry Lamb, Daniel Olago, Bernhart Owen, Renault Robin, Schäbitz Frank, Arrowsmith Ramon, Ivory Sarah

Eagle claw jewelry from Krapina at 130,000 years ago

Davorka Radovčić, Ankica Oros Sršen, Jakov Radovčić, David Frayer

Early Levallois Technology and the Transition from the Lower to Middle Palaeolithic in the Southern Caucasus.

Daniel Adler, Keith Wilkinson, Simon Blockley, Darren Mark, Ellery Frahm, Beverly Schmidt-Magee, Philip Glauberman, Yannick Raczynski-Henk, Olaf Jöris, Boris Gasparyan

Early tools from West Turkana, Kenya

Sonia Harmand, Jason E. Lewis, Craig S. Feibel, Christopher J. Lepre, Sandrine Prat, Arnaud Lenoble, Xavier Boes, Rhonda L. Quinn, Michel Brenet, Adrian Arroyo, Nicholas Taylor, Sophie Clément, Guillaume Daver, Jean-Philip Brugal, Louise Leakey, Dennis V. Kent, Richard A. Mortlock, James D. Wright, Hélène Roche

Everything you always wanted to know about Skull 5 (D4500/D2600)* *but were afraid to ask

Christoph Zollikofer, David Lordkipanidze, Marcia Ponce de León

Evidence of early Middle Stone Age technology and long distance transport of obsidians by later middle Pleistocene hominins at the ~300 ka Sibilo School Road Site (GnJh-79), Kapthurin Formation, Kenya.

Nick Blegen

Finding a common band-width: Causes of convergence and diversity in Paleolithic beads

Mary Stiner, Mary Stiner

First Evidence of Neandertal Cannibalism in Northern Europe: The Case of the "Troisième Caverne" of Goyet (Belgium)

Hélène Rougier, Isabelle Crevecoeur, Cédric Beauval, Hervé Bocherens, Damien Flas, Mietje Germonpré, Asier Gómez-Olivencia, Johannes Krause, Cosimo Posth, Patrick Semal, Johannes van der Plicht, Christoph Wissing

Fossil mammals reveal patterns of inter- and intra-basinal endemism in eastern Africa, ca. 4 to 1 Ma: implications for hominin biogeography

John Rowan, Kaye Reed, Andrew Du, Ellis Locke, Irene Smail, Christopher Campisano, Ignacio Lazagabaster

Function and morphology in the hominid cervical spine: postural influences on integration

Catalina Isabel Villamil

Hominin paleoecology and land use based on 1.5 Ma footprint surfaces at Ileret, Kenya

Neil Roach, Kevin Hatala, Kelly Ostrofsky, Jonathan Reeves, Anna Behrensmeyer, Brian Richmond

Late Glacial Rapid Climate Change and Human Response in the Western Mediterranean

Gerd-Christian Weniger, Helmut Brückner, Martin Kehl, Jörg Linstädter, Klaus Reicherter

Lithic raw material procurement in Qafzeh and Amud Caves: Implications for Mobility patterns in the Levantine Middle Paleolithic

Ravid Ekshtain, Erella Hovers, Shimon Ilani, Irina Segal

Lithic technologies of the Malawian Middle Stone Age: building a chrono-spatial framework for early modern human behavior in Central Africa

Sheila Nightingale, Flora Schilt, Jessica Thompson, Jacob Davis, Menno Welling, David Wright, Jeong-Heong Choi, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu

Multi-functionality and stone tool re-use in the ESA; an example from the Nachukui Formation of West Turkana, Kenya

Nicholas Taylor, Adrian Arroyo, Sonia Harmand, Roche Helene, Michel Brenet, Jason Lewis

Neanderthal local raw material utilization and transport in southwestern France

Sam Lin, Harold Dibble, Shannon McPherron

Neanderthal mobility in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula: the patterns of chert exploitation at the Abric Romaní rock-shelter

Andrea Picin

Neanderthals in the Eemian lakeland landscape of Neumark-Nord 2 (Germany).

Geoff Smith, Alejandro Garcia, Lutz Kindler, Eduard Pop, Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser, Wil Roebroeks

Nesher Ramla karst depression, Israel: Middle Paleolithic occupations (170-80 ka BP) in a new type of site.

Yossi Zaidner, Amos Frumkin, Naomi Porat, Alexander Tsatskin, Reuven Yeshurun, Leore Grosman, Lior Weissbrod, Laura Centi, Marion Prevost, Maayan Shemer, Oz Varoner, David Friesem, Ruth Shahack-Gross

New dates on Middle Paleolithic sites of the East European Plain: Implications for human paleogeography

John Hoffecker, Vance Holliday, Pavel Nehoroshev, Leonid Vishnyatsky, Aleksandr Ocherednoi, Vladimir Pitulko

New multiproxy investigations into the ecosystem at Elandsfontein, South Africa: implications for Mid-Pleistocene hominin paleoecology on the Western Cape

David B. Patterson, Sophie B. Lehmann, Thalassa Matthews, Naomi E. Levin, Deano S. Stynder, Frances Forrest, Laura C. Bishop, Robyn Pickering, Andy Herries, Dave Roberts, Kathryn Fitzsimmons, David R. Braun

Palaeolandscape context for Lower-Middle Palaeolithic activity in the Hrazdan valley, central Armenia

Keith Wilkinson, Daniel Adler, Simon Blockley, Ellery Frahm, Darren Mark, Carolina Mallol, Samvel Nahapetyan, Boris Gasparyan

Paleoanthropology of the Ledi-Geraru, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Kaye Reed, Erin DiMaggio, Christopher Campisano, John Rowan, Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, Alan Deino, Faysal Bibi, Margaret Lewis, Antoine Souron, Lars Werdelin, Arrowsmith J Ramón, Brian Villmoare, William H. Kimbel, Chalachew Seyoum, David Braun

Patterns and Parameters of Morphological Variation in the South African Australopith Jaws

Julie Lawrence

Reconstructing Middle Pleistocene landscapes in the Kapthurin Formation using biomass productivity and stable isotope proxies

David Leslie, Sally McBrearty, Gideon Hartman

Reconstructing dietary diversity in primates using variation in dental microwear textures

Amy Shapiro

Renewed investigation of the Late Pleistocene-Holocene archaeological and paleoenvironmental sequence from Kisese II rockshelter, Tanzania

Christian Tryon, Jason Lewis, Myra Laird, Audax Mabulla, Amandus Kwekason, Agnes Gidna, Kathryn Ranhorn, Celeste Ehrhardt, Curtis Marean

Schöningen 13 II-4: A Middle Pleistocene Horse Opera in Several Acts (revised abstract)

Jarod Hutson, Aritza Villaluenga, Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser, Alejandro García-Moreno, Elaine Turner, Kurt Alt, Thomas Kaiser, Corina Knipper

Shell beads and “decorated” bones at the Early Upper Palaeolithic of Manot Cave, Israel: Symbolic expressions of early Modern Humans in the Levant

Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer, José-Miguel Tejero, Ofer Marder, Omry Barzilai, Israel Hershkovitz, Reuven Yeshurun, Nehora Schneller-Pels, Ron Lavi, Mae Goder-Goldberger

Site Formation and Interactions between Homo and the Mammals from Dmanisi

Martha Tappen, Reed Coil, Reid Ferring, Maia Bukhsianidze, David Lordkipanidze

Small things considered: Examining processes and definitions of southern African microlithization at Rose Cottage Cave and Sehonghong

Justin Pargeter, Redondo Marina

Spatial approaches to site formation and carnivore-hominin interaction at Dmanisi, Georgia

Reed Coil, Martha Tappen, Reid Ferring, Maia Bukhsianidze, David Lordkipanidze

Stone Age occupations in Northern Mozambique: new evidence from a survey project in the Lunho river valley (Niassa)

Joao Cascalheira, Celia Goncalves, Vera Aldeias, Michael Benedetti, Jonathan Haws, Omar Madime, Daniela Matos, Telmo Pereira, Mussa Raja, Brandon Zinsious, Nuno Bicho

Taphonomic History of the Homo erectus Site at Trinil, Java

Mathew G. Hill, John Kappelman, Lawrence Todd, Frank Huffman, John de Vos

Taphonomy of fossils from the hominin-bearing deposits at Dikika, Ethiopia

Jessica Thompson, Shannon McPherron, Rene Bobe, Andrew Barr, Denné Reed, Jonathan Wynn, Curtis Marean, Zeresenay Alemseged

Technological sequence and origins of Prepared Core Technology at Canteen Kopje, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

George Leader, Ryan Gibbon, Kathleen Kuman, Darryl Granger

The Late Middle Palaeolithic open-air site complex of Ein Qashish, northern Israel

Erella Hovers, Omry Barzilai, Ravid Ekshtain, Ariel Malinsky-Buller, Noam Greenbaum, Noha Agha, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Nadav Nir, Mareike Stahlschmidt, Lena Brailovsky, Netta Mitki, Polina Spivak, Ariel Vered, Joel Roskin, Maria Krakovsky, Micka Ullman

The Olduvai Geological Coring Project (OGCP): Providing a new paleoenvironmental context for human evolution at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Nicholas Toth, Kathy Schick, Jackson Njau, Ian Stanistreet

The Paleoecological Reconstruction of Area 123 and Area 6/ 6A, Koobi Fora, and the Implications for the Habitat Preferences of Homo and Paranthropus boisei

Rachel Sender, Craig Feibel

The Social Transmission of Oldowan Lithic Technology

Thomas Morgan, Natalie Uomini, Luke Rendell, Laura Chouinard-Thuly, Sally Street, Hannah Lewis, Catharine Cross, Cara Evans, Ronan Kearney, Ignacio de la Torre, Andrew Whiten, Kevin Laland

The Still Bay and pre-Still Bay Fauna from Sibudu Cave (South Africa): Implications for Understanding Behavioral Varability in the Southern African Middle Stone Age

Jamie Clark

The Use of the Ascending Ramus in Hominoid and Hominin Phylogeny

Jennifer Eyre

The effect of growth on the shape of the Dikika Australopithecus afarensis scapula with implications for hominin evolution

Nathan Young, Zeresnay Alemseged

The evolution of developmental plasticity in human brains

Aida Gómez-Robles, William Hopkins, Chet Sherwood

The kinematics of knuckle-walking: To what extent is gait and posture conserved in the African great apes?

Emma Finestone, Mary Brown, Stephen Ross, Herman Pontzer

The origin of the Levantine Emiran and implications for modern human dispersal into the Levant.

Anthony Marks, Jeffrey Rose

The spatial distributions of lithic artifacts within Middle Paleolithic sites: a comparative study of seven sites

Amy Clark

Wadi Madamagh (Jordan): Behavioral Diversity during the Last Glacial Maximum in the Eastern Levant

Deborah Olszewski, Maysoon al-Nahar, Natalie Munro, Ashley Petrillo, Monica Ramsey, Brian Byrd, Daniel Schyle

Was the Younger Dryas of the southern Levant dry, or just cold? Stable isotope evidence from gazelle teeth

Gideon Hartman , Brittingham Alexander

Zooarchaeological analysis of newly excavated Middle Pleistocene deposits from Elandsfontein, South Africa.

Frances Forrest, Deano Stynder, Laura Bishop, Naomi Levin, Thalassa Mathews, David Braun

Poster Abstracts

A Fractographic Method to Distinguish Hominin vs. Carnivore Broken Bone: Improving Estimates of Hominin and Carnivore Involvement in the FLK-Zinjanthropus Fossil Assemblage, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

James S. Oliver

A new (semi-) automated method to quantify primate phalangeal curvature from 3D virtual models: new estimates for fossil hominin phalanges.

Biren A. Patel, Bino Varghese, Adela C. Perez, Amanda L. Lewis, Tea Jashashvili, Matthew Tocheri, Sergio Almécija, William L. Jungers, Caley M. Orr

Bovid Mortality Patterns at Elandsfontein, Western Cape Province, South Africa, and Implications for the Hunting Capability of Acheulean-Age Hominins

Henry T. Bunn
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Chicaza rockshelter (Niassa, Mozambique): a preliminary report on stratigraphy and chronology

Nuno Bicho, Vera Aldeias, Michael Benedetti, Joao Cascalheira, Celia Goncalves, Jonathan Haws, Omar Madime, Telmo Pereira, Mussa Raja, Brandon Zinsious

Cobrinhos, A New Mousterian Site in Vila Velha de Ródão (Portugal)

Telmo Pereira, João Caninas, Emanuel Carvalho, Olívia Figueiredo, Francisco Henriques, Daniela Maio, Cátia Mendes, David Nora, Eduardo Paixão, André Pereira, Luís Raposo
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Did Trinil Femur I originate from a younger formation than the Homo erectus skullcap? Implications of early site photographs and other provenience records

O. Frank Huffman, Paul C.H. Albers, Aart W. Berkhout, John de Vos
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Elliptical Fourier analysis of two hominoid teeth from Middle Pleistocene Sanxieshan Cave, Daxin, Guangxi, China.

Elissa M. Ludeman, Wei Wang, Daweli Li, Shara Bailey, Terry Harrison, Christopher J. Bae
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Exploratory excavations at Bizmoune Cave (Essaouira): first results on the Aterian of the south Atlantic coast of Morocco

Steven Kuhn, Abdeljalil Bouzouggar
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Exploratory survey and landscape archaeology in the Karonga District, northern Malawi

Jacob Davis, Andrew Zipkin, Victor de Moor, Jessica C. Thompson, J Ramon Arrowsmith, Marina Bravo Foster, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu

Extraction and exploitation of silcrete outcrops during the Palaeolithic at Saint-Pierre-Eynac, France

Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Vincent Delvigne, Paul Fernandes, Audrey Lafarge, René Liabeuf, Michel Piboule, Jean-Paul Raynal
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Hominin Population Dynamics and Dispersals in the Armenian Highlands and Anatolia: New Data from Barozh 12, a Middle Palaeolithic Open-Air Site on the Edge of the Ararat Depression, Armenia

Philip Glauberman, Boris Gasparyan, Steven Kuhn, Keith Wilkinson, Ellery Frahm, Yannick Raczynski-Henk, Hayk Haydosyan, Samvelle Napapetyan, Dimitri Arakelyan, Daniel Adler

Impact fracture patterns on experimental basalt points–towards a more robust macro-fracture method

Alison Mant-Melville

In utero Sources of Skeletal Variation: the Role of Maternal Prenatal Stress.

Sarah Kigamwa Amugongo, Leslea J. Hlusko
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Landscape-scale pattering in hominin behavior in the Okote Member at East Turkana northern Kenya: Pairing behavioral and paleoecological data.

Jonathan Reeves , David Braun, Matthew Douglass, Sarah Hlubik , Andrew Du, David Patterson, Jack Harris

Lumbar Vertebral Shape and Trabecular Structure in African Papionini

Eric John Mazelis

Micromorphology of Middle to Later Stone Age sites in northern Malawi

Flora Schilt, Susan Mentzer, David Wright, Jessica Thompson, Christopher E. Miller, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu
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Modeling differential access to meat with experimental butchery: implications for the “hunting/scavenging” debate

Briana Pobiner, Charles Patrick Higson, Kris Kovarovic, Bill Schindler

New hominin tarsals from Swartkrans, South Africa

Zach Throckmorton, Travis Rayne Pickering, Jason L Heaton, Morris Sutton, Jess Senjem, C. K. Brain

PaleoCore: A web based data management system for paleoanthropology

Denné N. Reed, W. Andrew Barr, Shannon McPherron, Tomislav Urban, John Kappelman
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Quantifying the habitat preference of extinct mammals, including hominins, in Plio-Pleistocene eastern Africa

Andrew Du, John Rowan, David B. Patterson
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Sedimentological characteristics and depositional context of c. 2 million year old Oldowan archaeological occurrences at Kanjera South, Kenya.

Elizabeth Whitfield, Tom Plummer, James S. Oliver, peter Ditchfield, Laura C. Bishop

Spatial Analysis of Broca’s Cap Asymmetry in Endocasts Using ArcGIS

Lana M. Ruck, Kenton H. MacDowell, Ralph L. Holloway, Douglas C. Broadfield

The Origins of Stone Tool Reduction and the Transition to Knapping: An Experimental Approach

Shelby S. Putt
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The application of proteomics techniques to the study of ancient human tissues

Mike Buckley, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Walaa Abu Baker Basha, Andrew Chamberlain
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The impact of Late Glacial landscape changes on the formation processes of cave sites in the Swabian Jura: results from an ongoing project

Alvise Barbieri, Nicholas J. Conard, Christopher E. Miller

Timing and nature of Neanderthal and modern human overlap in the Balkans

Bridget Alex, Dušan Mihailović, Stefan Milošević, Elisabetta Boaretto

Tool-making Bones from the Schöningen 13II-4 Spear Horizon (revised abstract)

Aritza Villaluenga, Jarod M. Hutson, Alejandro García-Moreno, Elaine Turner, Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser
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Trabecular bone structure in forefoot and rearfoot endurance runners: Implications for interpreting fossil hominin morphology

Andrew Best, Brigitte Holt, Joseph Hamill, Karen Troy
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