Paleoanthropology Society  -  2018 Meeting  -  Austin, Texas

First Announcement and Call for Papers

The annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be held in Austin Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday April 10 and 11 in conjunction with the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. The conference hotel is the Hyatt Regency Austin (208 Barton Springs, Austin Texas 78704). Additional useful hotel information can be obtained from the AAPA web site (  Meeting rooms are yet to be assigned.

Non-concurrent oral and poster sessions will be held with oral presentations limited to 15 minutes. If you wish to have either a poster or oral presentation considered for inclusion, you must submit an abstract via the Society’s online submission system before December 1. ( Abstracts must not exceed 300 words of text (not counting address, title, acknowledgments, etc.), and those submitted by any other route will be declined. The web system will request the name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing and email address of all authors. Please consider the nature of the material you wish to present and on this basis decide whether a poster or oral presentation will be most effective:  then click the appropriate box.

Partial travel support will be available for some individuals such as graduate students and other presenters who do not have "normal" access to travel funds. If you wish to apply for such funding please note this on the web form.

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Podium Abstracts

A modern human-like one million-year-old partial pelvis from Buia, Eritrea

Ashley Hammond, Sergio Almécija, Yosief Libsekal, Lorenzo Rook, Roberto Macchiarelli

A novel method for reconstructing habitual manual activity based on human hand muscle attachments

Fotios Alexandros Karakostis, Gerhard Hotz, Heike Scherf, Joachim Wahl, Katerina Harvati

Alternatives to Neanderthal Hypercarnivory - Experimental Study of the δ15N Values of Meat During Putrefaction

Kimberly Foecke, Alison Brooks, Christine France

Australopithecus anamensis paleoecology in the Omo-Turkana Basin using fossil Suidae (Mammalia, Artiodactyla)

Laurence Dumouchel, René Bobe, Jonathan Wynn, Michelle Drapeau, Denis Geraads

Cold Adaptation and the Neandertal Face

Todd Yokley, Nathan Holton, Fred Smith

Community Archaeology in Kondoa: New Excavations from the Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sequence at Kisese II Rock Shelter, Tanzania

Kathryn Ranhorn, Julius Ogutu, Ilaria Patania, Husna Mashaka, Sara Molel, Neema Munisi, Samantha Porter, Jason Lewis, Christian Tryon

Constructing strontium isoscapes to test models of terminal Pleistocene and early Holocene forager social and territorial organization in northern Malawi

Andrew Zipkin, Stanley Ambrose, Gideon Bartov, Zachary Benmamoun, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu, Jessica Thompson

Continuity and change: A diachronic technological analysis of the earliest Acheulean at Kokiselei in Turkana, Kenya (1.8-1.76 Ma)

Hilary Duke, Sonia Harmand

Developing a Geospatial Paleoanthropology: An Example from Vertebrate Paleontology

Robert Anemone, Charles Emerson, Jordan Crowell, Brett Nachman

Dietary ecology of Pliocene suids and hominins in Kanapoi and Hadar

Ignacio Lazagabaster

Differentiating between cutting actions on bone using geometric morphometric and Bayesian analysis of complete 3D cut mark surfaces

Erik Otarola-Castillo, Melissa Torquato, Hannah Hawkins, Emma James, Jacob Harris, Curtis Marean, Shannon McPherron, Jessica Thompson

ESR Dating Teeth from Medzhibozh, Ukraine, a Middle Pleistocene Paleolithic Open-air Site

Justin K. Qi, Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Impreet Singh, Vadim N. Stephanchuk, Joel I.B. Blickstein, Jonathan A. Florentin, Anne R. Skinner

Ecological niche models of human land use at the Last Glacial Maximum in Southeast Asia: A comparison of GARP and MaxEnt

Alexandra Zachwieja, Laura Shackelford

Emergence of the functionally modern ungulate community in eastern Africa

J. Tyler Faith, Andrew Du, John Rowan

Estimating the timing of and placing confidence intervals on the origination and extinction of the Australopithecus anamensis-afarensis lineage

Zeresenay Alemseged, Andrew Du, John Rowan, Bernard Wood

Excavating the archives: The 1947 campaign at Ksar Akil (Lebanon)

Christian Tryon, Laure Metz, Ludovic Slimak

Frequency and duration of U-Pb dated flowstone growth intervals in South African early hominin caves reflect Early Pleistocene climate variability.

Robyn Pickering

High-resolution environmental record of the Acheulean-to-Middle Stone Age transition in the southern Kenya rift

Richard Potts, René Dommain, Jessica Moerman, Alan Deino, Brenhin Keller, Emily Beverly, Rahab Kinyanjui, Anna Kay Behrensmeyer

Hominin cranial fragments from Milner Hall, Sterkfontein, South Africa

Amélie Beaudet, Jason Heaton, Travis Pickering, Dominic Stratford

Hominins on the western periphery of the Red Sea: New Acheulean occurrence in coastal Sudan and associated implications

Amanuel Beyin, Parth Chauhan

Identification of possible cut marks on an early Pleistocene hominin tibia from Turkana, Kenya

Briana Pobiner, Michael Pante, Trevor Keevil

Implications for interpreting time-averaged fossil assemblages from an analysis of spatiotemporal scaling relationships in species richness for the Amboseli large mammal fauna, southern Kenya

Andrew Du, Anna Behrensmeyer

Investigating raw material properties: Interaction between knapper skill and rock mechanical properties.

Joanne Munga, David Braun, Bisrat Gebreegziabher, Fikeru Mekonnen, Thomas Plummer

Large-Scale Anthropogenic Landscape Change in the Middle Stone Age of Malawi

David Wright, Jessica Thompson, Sarah Ivory, Menno Welling, Jeong-Heon Choi, Andy Cohen, Wan Fadillah, Schilt Flora, Arjun Heimsath, Ramon Arrowsmith, Susan Mentzer, Christopher Miller, Elizabeth Gomani-Chindebvu

Multivariate analyses of lithic variability in the MSA of Kenya and Ethiopia prior to 100 ka.

Alison Mant-Melville

New Excavations of the Late Pleistocene sediments at “Gramly’s Site” (GvJm-22), Lukenya Hill, southeastern Kenya.

Nick Blegen, J. Tyler Faith, Jessica McNeil, Christian Tryon

Non-random variation in human mandibular molars: implications for selection of analogue species for fossil hominin taxonomic assessments

Susan Dykes

Origins of the human predatory pattern: The transition to large animal exploitation by early hominins

Jessica Thompson, Susana Carvalho, Curtis Marean, Zeresenay Alemseged

Reassessing the Ursid Hypothesis for the Laetoli "A" Bipedal Trackway

Ellison McNutt, Benjamin Kilham, Jesse Casana, Kevin Hatala, Austin Hill, Camille Johnson, Phoebe Kilham, John Reader, Nathan Thompson, Jeremy DeSilva

Rhyolite Cryptotephra Identified in Mousterian Deposits at Arma Veirana, Italy

Eugene Smith, Racheal Johnsen, Jayde Hirniak, Shelby Fitch, Caley Orr, Minghua Ren, David Strait, Christopher Miller, Fabio Negrino, Julien Riel-Salvatore, Marco Peresani, Stefano Benazzi, Claudine Gravel-Miguel, Curtis Marean, Jamie Hodgkins

Robust australopith paleobiology: The biogeography and paleoenvironments of eastern and southern African Paranthropus

Amy Rector, Kaye Reed

Sexual dimorphism in the lower back of Australopithecus sediba and Homo naledi

Scott Williams, Marc Meyer, Thierra Nalley, Marina Elliott, Peter Schmid, Steven Churchill, John Hawks, Lee Berger

Size doesn’t matter: OES bead diameter in the Stone Age of eastern and southern Africa

Jennifer Miller

Termite-associated hydrocarbons and the detection of C4 resources within the Zinjanthropus horizon at Oludvai Gorge, Tanzania

Julie Lesnik, Robert O'Malley, Audax Mabulla, Enrique Baquedano, Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo, Clayton Magill

Testing the hypothesis of multiple genera in Proconsul

Varsha Pilbrow

The MIS 3 Occupation at Erfkroon and the Early Later Stone Age in Southern Africa

Britt Bousman, James Brink, Mark Bateman, Holly Meier, Lloyd Rossouw, Chris Ringstaff, Louis Scott, Senna Thornton-Barnett

The first paleoecological analysis derived from small mammal remains from the Late Pleistocene of South China: Results from Yahuai Cave and implications for modern human dispersal into East Asia

Miriam Belmaker, Guangmao Xie, Minghui Yu, Xiaoying Chen

The past, present, and future of bone surface modification research

Michael Pante, Trevor Keevil, Muttart Matthew, Emily Orlikoff, April Tolley, Jackson Njau, Briana Pobiner

Tick shells, personal ornamentation, and marine resource exploitation during the Late Pleistocene at Contrebandiers Cave (Temara, Morocco)

Steele Teresa, Álvarez-Fernández Esteban, Hallett-Desguez Emily, Aldeias Vera, El Hajraoui Mohamed Abdeljalil, Dibble Harold

To walk or to run: Derived skeletal traits in early Homo and the transition to endurance locomotion

James Webber, David Raichlen

Tubers in Winter: Implications for early hominin seasonal migrations

Amanda Henry, Yvonne van Amerongen

Turkana’s return to woody cover during the Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition and the extinction of Paranthropus boisei

Rhonda Quinn, Christopher Lepre

Poster Abstracts

A Newly (Re)discovered Paleoamerican Cranium from Catlow Cave, Southeastern Oregon

Greg C. Nelson, Andrew R. Boehm, Jon M. Erlandson

A Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Using Stable Isotopes of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) Enamel at Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal)

Milena Carvalho, David Meiggs, Jonathan Haws
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A Quantitative Assessment of Percussion-Induced Modification to Bone Surfaces

April Tolley, Dr. Michael Pante, Dr. Adrian Arroyo, Dr. Ignacio de la Torre
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A new reconstruction of the forearm of A.L. 288-1 (“Lucy”) and functional interpretations

Brett Nachman, Christopher A. Davis, Wiley Akins, Mulugeta Feseha, Richard Ketcham, Christopher Ruff, Lawrence Todd, Adrienne Witzel, John Kappelman
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A single-event Middle Stone Age occupation site in the lowlands of northwestern Ethiopia

Keri Porter, Sissi Janet Mattox, Lawrence Todd, John Kappelman
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Absolute and Relative Diaphyseal Long Bone Lengths of Juvenile Neanderthals Suggest that Neanderthal Growth and Development Closely Resembles that of Modern Arctic Populations

Mallory Grace Irene Atell, Natalie Symchych, Bence Viola

An ecomorphological analysis of the metacarpal of extant African antelopes using photogrammetry

Raquel Lamela Lopez, Frances Forrest, Thomas W. Plummer, Laura C. Bishop, Fritz Hertel, Rachel Sender

Assessing the development of societal complexity at the Middle to Later Stone Age transition in the context of the Economic Defensibility Model: Evidence from Knysna, coastal South Africa

Naomi E. Cleghorn, Hannah M. Keller, James McGrath, Christopher M. Shelton, Sara Watson, Benjamin Schoville, Daniel Peart, Nathan Bickerton, Irene A. Esteban
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Biomechanics of the sloping supraorbital torus of Paranthropus boisei

Amanda L. Smith, David S. Strait
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Calibrating the Chronology of Late Pleistocene Modern Human Dispersals, Climate Change and Archaeology with Geochemical Isochrons

Stanley H. Ambrose
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Comparative taphonomy of two landscape bone assemblages in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Faith Wilfong, Charles P Egeland, Cynthia M. Fadem, Anisha Dongol, Ryan M. Byerly, Victoria P. Johnson, Manuel Dominguez-Rodrigo, Audax Mabulla, Enrique Baquedano

Differences in bilateral asymmetry of the femur between recent and archaeological human populations using multivariate measures

Amanda B Lee, Lyle W Konigsberg
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Digitally-empowered Learning: Teaching Archaeology through Virtual Reality and Game-Based Learning

Laura Shackelford, Wen-Hao Huang, Alan Craig, Steve LaValle, Cameron Merrill, Yixiang Zeng
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Divergent diversification histories of large mammals across two sedimentary basins in eastern African over the last 7 Myr

John Rowan, Andrew Du

Drone mapping of Isimila, Tanzania: The Implications for Future Research into Mid-Pleistocene Homo Behavior

Alex J. Pelissero, Kersten Bergstrom, Lauren J. Hammond, Austin B. Lawrence, Henry T. Bunn, Charles M. Musiba
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ESR Dating Teeth from Šalitrena Pećina, Serbia: Implications for the Middle/Late Paleolithic Transition

Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Justin K. Qi, Bojana MIHAILOVIĆ, Dusan MIHAILOVIĆ, Joel I.B. Blickstein, Anne R. Skinner, Senka PLAVSIĆ, Gligor DAKOVIĆ

Early Aurignacian Coloring Materials in Evolutionary Context

Joelle Nivens

Early Pleistocene grassland dynamics at East Turkana: Indications from shifting patterns of mesic- and xeric-adapted ungulates and new insights into ungulate niche preference

Kaedan O'Brien, Amanda McGrosky, Kayla Allen, Lauren Anderson, Maryse Biernat, David R. Braun, Amanda "Billie" Guerrero, Laura Hunter, Jeffrey Seckinger, Felipe Torres, R. Brendon Zeller, Degsew Zerihun, David B. Patterson
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Estimating Interproximal Wear in Upper First Molars

Jennifer Eyre
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GUImorph: A user-friendly R package with a graphical user interface to digitize and conduct geometric morphometric analyses of 2D and 3D landmark, curve and surface data.

Erik R Otarola-Castillo

Geometric morphometric reassessment of the Omo 323-78-898 Talus with a large Catarrhine sample

Aileen Fernandez, William E.H. Harcourt-Smith, Kevin Turley, Evan A. Simons, Stephen R. Frost
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Giant African Land Snails: Their Relevance to Archaeological Contexts.

Amy Reedman

Homo floresiensis: where does it stand?

Christopher Rathbone
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Human adaptive responses to abrupt climate change during the Late Pleistocene

Jonathan Haws, Michael Benedetti, Milena Carvalho, Nuno Bicho, João Cascalheira, Lukas Friedl
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Intratooth isotope profiles of fossil suids: environmental variability in the Pleistocene deposits of the Koobi Fora Formation

Deming Yang, Kevin T. Uno
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Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy as a Tool to Distinguish Use-wear Traces

Joseph Jeffrey Werner

Least Cost Path and Agent Based Models for hominin dispersal routes out of East Africa into the Levant

Amanuel Y Beyin, Erik Otárola-Castillo, Justin Hall, Christopher C. Lanza, Christopher Andrew Day
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Limb bone lengths and diaphyses, but not joints, reflect neutral among-population relationships

Gina Marie Agostini

Misgrot Cave: an actualistic model of a modern baboon sleeping site.

Charné, Jason L., Colin G.

New excavations at Sel’ungur cave, Kyrgyzstan

T. Bence Viola, Tamerlan Chargynov, Maciej Krajcarz, Magdalena Krajcarz, Svetlana Shnaider, Kseniya Kolobova, Andrei I. Krivoshapkin

Quantitative analysis of the micromorphology of trampling-induced abrasion and stone tool cut marks on bone surfaces

Emily R. Orlikoff, Trevor L. Keevil, Michael C. Pante
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Regional differences in faunal communities around Lake Lorenyang between ~2.0 and 1.4 Ma

Maryse D. Biernat, Amanda B. Gurerro, David R. Braun, David B. Patterson
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Renewed explorations of the Mid-Pleistocene site, Isimila, Tanzania

Sabrina C. Curran, Paul E. Patton, Cassy Mtelea
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Size and shape variation among femora attributed to early Homo

Lesley H. Eason

Taphonomic and Fossil Reconstructive Analyses of the Ngaloba (LH 18) Skull

Kersten Bergstrom, Lauren Butaric, Agness Gidna, Charles Musiba, Robert Z. Selden, Cassian Magori
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Taphonomy and early human foraging behavior at SM1, a late Middle Stone Age site in northwestern Ethiopia

Christopher A. Davis, John Kappelman, Lawrence Todd
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Testing the methodological utility of trace element analysis for detecting dietary differences in fossil fauna from Turkana

Christina Ryder, Rhonda Quinn, Jason Lewis, Jean-Philip Brugal, Sonia Harmand, Hélèn Roche, Fredrick Kyalo Manthi, Matt Sponheimer
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The Iringa Region Archaeological Project: recent results and future plans

Pamela R Willoughby
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The rise and expansion of anatomically modern humans out of Africa in the context of climate variability using new quantifying methods and a multi-regional approach

Anne Billingsley, Chad L. Yost, Kayla Worthey, Brendan Fenerty, Jennifer Kielhofer, Mathew L. Fox, Zachary Naiman, Andrew S. Cohen, Steven L. Kuhn, Henry F. Lamb
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Trinil’s Main Bonebed (Java) and Homo erectus paleobiogeography

O. Frank Huffman, John de Vos, Paul C. H. Albers, A. W. J. Berkhout
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U-series dating calcrete: a new palaeo-hydrological tracer for Middle Stone Age archaeological sites in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Jessica von der Meden, Robyn Pickering, Benjamin Schoville, Kyle Brown, Jayne Wilkins
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Variability Among African and Eurasian Homo erectus Sites

Blaire Hensley-Marschand, P. David Polly

Vegetation structure study in Gorongosa National Park, Implications for Hominin ecospace

Enquye Negash, Marion Bamford, Tongai Castigo, Jörg M. Habermann, Tina Lüdecke, Jonathan Wynn, René Bobe, Susana Carvalho

Vultures Moving In: Fossil Birds Suggest A More-Open and Heterogeneous Landscape During the Oldowan-Acheulean Transition (Middle Bed II) at Olduvai.

Kari A. Prassack, Michael C. Pante, Jackson K. Njau, Lindsay J. McHenry, Ignacio de la Torre
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Where are all the Neanderthals? An archaeological and paleoanthropological survey of Palaeolithic cave sites in Britain

Kevin L. Kuykendall, Andrew Reid, Chris Breeden, Tim Cockrell

Women in Human Evolution Redux

Sang-Hee Lee, Dänae G. Khorasani
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