Paleoanthropology Society
2016 Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia

First Announcement and Call for Papers

The annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting will be held in Atlanta on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 12 and 13 in conjunction with the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. The conference hotel is the Atlanta Marriot Marquis. Additional useful hotel information can be obtained from the AAPA web site Meeting rooms are yet to be assigned.

Non-concurrent oral and poster sessions will be held with oral presentations limited to 15 minutes. If you wish to have either a poster or oral presentation considered for inclusion, you must submit an abstract via the Society’s online submission system before December 1. (    Abstracts must not exceed 300 words of text (not counting address, title, acknowledgments, etc.), and those submitted by any other route will be declined. The web system will request the name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing and email address of all authors. Please consider the nature of the material you wish to present and on this basis decide whether a poster or oral presentation will be most effective: then click the appropriate box. Partial travel support will be available for some individuals such as graduate students and other presenters who do not have "normal" access to travel funds. If you wish to apply for such funding please note this on
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Podium Abstracts

Homo naledi: A New Species of Hominin from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa

Darryl J. de Ruiter, Lee Berger, John Hawks, Steven Churchill, Peter Schmid, Lucas Delezene, Tracy Kivell, Heather Garvin, Scott Williams, Jeremy DeSilva, Matthew Skinner, Charles Musiba, Noel Cameron, Trenton Holliday, William Harcourt-Smith, Rebecca Ackermann, Markus Bastir, Barry Bogin, Debra Bolter, Juliet Brophy, Zachary Cofran, Kimberley Congdon, Andrew Deane, Mana Dembo, Michelle Drapeau, Marina Elliot, Elen Feuerriegel, Daniel Garcia-Martinez, David Green, Alia Gurtov, Joel Irish, Ashley Kruger, Myra Laird, Damiano Marchi, Marc Meyer, Shahed Nalla, Enquye Negash, Caley Orr, Davorka Radovcic, Lauren Schroeder, Jill Scott, Zachary Throckmorton, Matthew Tocheri, Caroline VanSickle, Christopher Walker, Pianpian Wei, Bernhard Zipfel

A Comprehensive Morphological Investigation of the Qesem Cave Lower Second Deciduous Molar dm2-QC2

Cinzia Fornai, Stefano Benazzi, Avi Gopher , Ran Barkai, Rachel Sarig, Fred Bookstein, Israel Hershkovitz, Gerhard Weber

A New Late Pliocene Fauna from the Mille-Logya Project Area, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Zeresenay Alemseged, W. Andrew Barr, René Bobe, Denis Geraads, Shannon McPherron, Denné Reed, Jonathan Wynn

A Quantitative Reassessment of Feeding Trace Morphology and Implications for the Earliest Cut Marked Bones

Michael Pante, Jackson Njau, Trevor Keevil, Matthew Muttart, Robert Blumenschine, Stephen Merritt

Acheulian Assemblages Between the Limpopo and Zambezi: The Origins of Prepared Core Technology at Maunganidze (Manicaland, Zimbabwe)

Julio Mercader, Robert Patalano, Favreau Julien, Makarius Itambu, Joshua Kumbani, Happinos Marufu

An Objective Bayesian-Based Model for Identifying Bone Surface Modification and Application to the ~2.8 Ma Ledi-Geraru Assemblage

Jacob Harris, Curtis Marean, Kaye Reed, Jessica Thompson

Augmenting Paleoanthropological Field Research: A High Resolution Imaging System and Citizen Science

Randolph Donahue, Adrian Evans, Louise Leakey, Chris Lintott, Andrew Wilson, Rob Davis, Tom Sparrow, Rob Harman

Changes in Community Ecology from 3.4–2.0 Ma in the Lower Awash Valley: Implications for Hominin Paleobiology

Kaye E. Reed, Christopher J. Campisano, Ignacio Lazagabaster, Ellis Locke, Joshua Robinson, John Rowan, Irene Smail

Character Displacement Among Paranthropus, early Homo, and Theropithecus: Reconstructing Dietary Competition in the Fossil Hominin Record

Kes Schroer, David Patterson

Chimpanzee Tool Use Involves an Understanding of Mechanical Properties of Stones: A Comparison with the Oldowan Archaeological Record

David Braun, Susana Carvalho, Robert Kaplan, Dora Biro, Thomas Plummer, Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Correlation of Widespread Late Pleistocene Volcanic Ash Layers From Six Basins Ccross Kenya and Their Relevance to Middle Stone Age Chronology

Nick Blegen, Frank Brown, Katie Binetti, J. Tyler Faith, Joseph Ferraro, Joseph Richardson, Christian Tryon

Depositional Context of the Early Upper Paleolithic Occupation (45–39 ka) at Mughr el-Hamamah, Jordan: Implications for Tracing Behavioral Change across the Middle-Upper Paleolithic Transition

Aaron Stutz, Rosa María Albert, Mónica Alonso-Eguíluz, Trina Arpin, Eleni Asouti, John Shea, Liv Nilsson Stutz

ESR Dating the Fossil-Bearing Layers at the Marathousa 1 Site, Megalopolis, Greece

Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Impreet Singh, Kalyani Gopalkrishna, Kelly K. Chen, Neeraj Sakhrani, Vangelis Tourloukis, Panagiotis Karkanas, Jonathan A. Florentin, Joel I.B. Blickstein, Eleni Panagopoulou, Katerina Harvati, Anne R. Skinner

Early Hominin Auditory Capacities

Rolf Quam, Ignacio Martínez, Manuel Rosa, Alejandro Bonmatí, Carlos Lorenzo, Darryl de Ruiter, Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi, Mercedes Conde Valverde, Pilar Jarabo, Colin Menter, Francis Thackeray, Juan Luis Arsuaga

Evaluation of Fire Evidence in the Early Pleistocene at FxJj20 AB, Koobi Fora, Northern Kenya

Sarah Hlubik, Russel Cutts, David Braun, Francesco Berna, J W K Harris, Craig Feibel

Evidence of Stone Tools and Cut-Marked Bones from Ain Boucherit Early Pleistocene Deposits (2.2–1.95 Ma), Algeria

Mohamed Sahnouni, Mathieu Duval, Josep Maria Pares, Jan Van der Made, Alfredo Perez-Gonzalez, Salah Abdessadok, Zoheir Harichane, Isabel Caceres, Abdelkader Derradji, Nadia Kandi, Mohamed Medig, Kamel Boulaghraif

Evolution of Hominin Tooth Size Explained Through Development-Based Models

Alistair Evans, E. Susanne Daly, Kierstin Catlett, Kathleen Paul, Stephen King, Matthew Skinner, Hans Nesse, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Grant Townsend, Gary Schwartz, Jukka Jernvall

Fossil Hominins from Woranso-Mille (Central Afar, Ethiopia) and the Middle Pliocene Hominin Diversity Conundrum

Yohannes Haile-Selassie

Geochemical and Physical Characterization of Potential Lithic Raw Material Sources in the Olduvai Basin, Tanzania

Charles Egeland, Ryan Byerly, Cynthia Fadem, Curran Fitzgerald, Audax Mabulla

Handaxes, Blades and Levallois Items of Obsidian: Preliminary Results of an Archaeological Survey and Subsequent Test Excavations in the Syunik Province, Armenian Highlands

Hakob Simonyan, Alla Yaroshevich, Daniel Miggins, Christopher Stevenson, Alexander Rogers, Miriam Belmaker

Hominin Behavioral Landscapes: Merging Stable Isotopes, Zooarchaeology and Ecometrics for Insights into Hominin Ecology at East Turkana, Northern Kenya

David B. Patterson, David R. Braun, René Bobe, Sophie B. Lehmann, Naomi E. Levin, Anna Kay Behrensmeyer, Bernard A. Wood

Hominins in Context — Paleogeography and Ecology of the Okote Member, Koobi Fora Formation, East Turkana

Anna K. Behrensmeyer, Andrew Du, Amelia Villasenor, David Patterson, Brian Richmond, Kevin Hatala, Neil Roach

Human Biogeography in the Lesser Sunda Islands: Implications of Recently Uncovered Pleistocene Skeletal Material from Alor, Indonesia

Julien Louys, Sofia Samper Carro, Sue O'Connor, Mahirta Mahirta, Daniele Questiaux, Nigel Spooner, Lee Arnold, Gilbert Price

Individual Differences in Stone Tool-Making Aptitude and Executive Function: Implications for Cognitive Evolution

Nada Khreisheh, Frederick Coolidge, Dietrich Stout

Is Neanderthal-Human Genetic Admixture in Eurasians Actually African Ancestry?

Stanley Ambrose, Jibril Hirbo

JA-53, a Big Fossilized Isolated Lower Incisor from Sangiran, Indonesia

Johan Arif

Labret Use Among the Gravettian Peoples of Central Europe and the Russian Plain: Dynamic Social Identities in the Mid-Upper Paleolithic

John Willman

New Approaches to Taphonomy and Field Survey of Fossils Across the Hadar Paleo-Landscape at 3.3 Ma

Jessica Thompson, William Kimbel, Erella Hovers, Curtis Marean

New Excavations in the Proto-Aurignacian Deposits at Riparo Bombrini, Italy: Results of the 2015 Field Season

Julien Riel-Salvatore, Fabio Negrino, Claudine Gravel-Miguel, Antoine Laliberté, Geneviève Pothier Bouchard

New Hominin Fossil Humeri from Koobi Fora Reflect the Diversity of Lower Pleistocene Hominins

Michael Lague, Meave Leakey, Louise Leakey, William Jungers

New Middle Pleistocene Elephant Butchering Site from Greece

Katerina Harvati, Eleni Panagopoulou, Vangelis Tourloukis, Nicholas Thompson, Panagiotis Karkanas, Athanassios Athanassiou, George Konidaris, Georgia Tsartsidou, Giusti Domenico

New Vertebral Fossils from the KSD-VP-1/1 Australopithecus afarensis Skeleton

Marc Meyer

Orthogrady and Foramen Magnum Orientation: Interpreting the Fossil Record

Catalina I. Villamil

Pathologies of Skeleton MH2 (Australopithecus sediba)

Sandra Mathews, Nakita Frater, Noémie Bonneau, Martin Haeusler

SIMS Reveals Diagenesis and Seasonal Paleoprecipitation: A New Method for Reconstructing Past Environments

Melanie Beasley, Ian Orland, John Valley, Margaret Schoeninger

Skill, Not Kinship, Impacts Social Learning in Wild Chimpanzee Stone Tool Use: Implications for the Pleistocene Archaeological Record

Susana Carvalho, Paula Mota, Richard Marques, Dora Biro, David Braun, Tetsuro Matsuzawa

The Early Acheulian from Gona, Ethiopia: Implications for Technological and Hominin Diet Transitions

Sileshi Semaw, Michael Rogers, Isabel Cáceres, Dietrich Stout, Amanda Leiss

The Empirical Case Against the “Demographic Turn” in Paleolithic Archaeology

Mark Collard, Krist Vaesen, Richard Cosgrove, Wil Roebroeks

The Large and Small Mammal Communities from Cooper’s D and Their Significance for Paranthropus robustus ecology

Amy Rector, Kaye Reed, Thalassa Matthews, Diego Hernandez, Samantha Meacham, Christine Steininger

The Lithic Assemblage from Mughr el-Hamameh, Jordan, (39–45 Ka cal BP)

John Shea

Variation in Habitat Heterogeneity within Pliocene East Turkana, Kenya: Defining the Mosaic

Amelia Villaseñor

Poster Abstracts

3D Assessment of Rib Curvatures in KNM-WT 15000

Daniel Garcia-Martinez, Fred Spoor, Markus Bastir

Homo or Pongo? Taxonomic Discrimination of Hominoid Upper Molars Based on the Internal Surface of the Mesial Marginal Ridge

Alejandra Ortiz, Shara E. Bailey, Matthew M. Skinner, Jean-Jacques Hublin

A Comparison of Dental Attrition and Chipping in Homo naledi with Other South African Hominins

Ian Towle, Joel D. Irish, Isabelle De Groote

A Developmental Perspective on the Postcanine Dental Proportions of Homo naledi

E. Susanne Daly, Kierstin K. Catlett, Chalachew Seyoum, Kathleen S. Paul, Stephen J. King, Matthew M. Skinner, Hans P. Nesse, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Grant C. Townsend, Alistair R. Evans, Gary T. Schwartz
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An Experimental Butchery Study of the Influence of the Amount of Flesh and Butcher Expertise on Resulting Cut Marks

Briana Pobiner, Jacklyn Rogers, Kris Kovarovic, Charles P. Higson, William Schindler III
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An Experimental Link Between Stone Tool Technology and Cognitive Complexity

Mr Antoine Muller, Associate Professor Chris Clarkson, Dr Ceri Shipton

Characterizing the Micromorphology of Cut Marks Inflicted by Oldowan and Acheulean Stone Technologies Using High-Resolution 3D Scanning

Trevor L. Keevil, Dr. Michael C. Pante
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Computed Tomography Survey of Supernumerary Molars in Extant Orangutans with Implications for Studies of the Primate Fossil Record

Kersten Bergstrom, Kelsey Jenkins, Justin Levy, Ruby Jean Velasquez, Patrick J. Lewis, Timothy L. Campbell
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Continued Research on Group Locomotion in the Laetoli Trackway: An Intriguing Case of Direct Register

Jon R. Boyd
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Dietary Shifts in the Giraffid Sivatherium and Paleoenvironmental Differences between the Afar and Turkana Basins during the Late Pliocene

John Rowan, Ellis M. Locke, Joshua R. Robinson, Christopher J. Campisano, Jonathan G. Wynn, Kaye E. Reed

Does Handaxe Shape Strongly Influence Cutting Performance? A Large-Scale Quantitative Experiment

Dr Alastair Key, Dr Stephen Lycett
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Hominin-Carnivore Competition at Pleistocene Springs

Alia Gurtov
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Identifying Diagnostic Criteria of Cut Marks on Experimentally Butchered Bones: A Methodological Comparison

Emily J. Brennan, Eve K. Boyle, Briana Pobiner

Intraspecific Variability in Postcanine Occlusal Wear in Early Hominins and the Occlusal Wear Gradient Model: Preliminary Results

Ignacio A Lazagabaster, Lucas K Delezene

Multilevel Societies and Hominin Social Evolution: Insights from Hamadryas Baboons

Larissa Swedell, Thomas W. Plummer
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New Ecomorphological Proxies for Paleohabitat Reconstructions: Geometric Morphometric Analyses of Cervid Joint Surface Morphology

Sabrina C. Curran, Claire Terhune, Adam D. Sylvester, Samantha Gogol, Jenifer Hubbard

New Insights into the Paleoenvironments of Australopithecus anamensis: A Multiproxy Analysis of the Bovids of Allia Bay, Kenya

Laurence Dumouchel
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Paleolithic Site Integrity and Edge Damage: Novel Methods of Digital Microscopy to Identify Post-Depositional Processes

Jonathan Scott Reeves, David R. Braun

Phylogenetic Systematics of Oldowan (Mode 1) Assemblages

Corey Logan Johnson

Preliminary Findings of 3D Analyses of the Costal Remains of Australopithecus sediba

Markus Bastir, Daniel Garcia Martínez, Scott A. Williams, Shahed Nalla, Jennifer Eyre, Motoharo Oishi, Naomichi, Ogihara, Steven E. Churchill, Lee Berger, Peter Schmid

Quantifying Taxonomic Distinctions in Tooth Mark Morphology with High-Resolution 3D Scanning

Matthew Muttart, Michael Pante, Jackson Njau

Sexual Dimorphism in the Shape of the Extant Hominid Mandibular Ramus

Claire Terhune, Chris Robinson, Terrence Ritzman
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Signal or Noise? Testing Hypotheses about Faunal Turnover with Implications for Human Evolution

W. Andrew Barr
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Sutural Variability in the Hominoid Anterior Cranial Fossa

Robert C. McCarthy, Monica A. Kunkel
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Taxonomic and Taphonomic Analysis of Faunal Remains from a Recently Identified Fossil Deposit at Gondolin, South Africa

Job Kibii

The Number of Lumbar Vertebrae in Hominin Evolution and the Problem of Missing Segments

Nakita Tamara Frater, Sandra Martelli, Sandra Mathews, Martin Haeusler

Update on the Paleoanthropology of the Kibish Formation, Southwestern Ethiopia

Ian Wallace, John Shea, Solomon Zewdie, Fikremariam Sisay, Yemane Gebru, John Fleagle

Upper and Epipaleolithic Faunal Remains from New Excavations at Sefunim Cave (Mt. Carmel, Israel): Preliminary Results

Jamie L. Clark, Andrew W. Kandel, Ron Shimelmitz

Variability in Early Acheulean technology in East Turkana, Koobi Fora, Kenya

Darya Presnyakova, Will Archer, David R. Braun, John W.K.Harris, Nicholas J. Conard